Misfit Love Mafia


Misfit Love Mafia is a non-profit organization in the heart of Atlanta Georgia. Misfit Love Mafia’s mission is to restore dignity in the community while providing basic needs through humanitarian acts to those often unacknowledged.

We are the dreamers, the ones who still believe in magic. We see enchantment in each others eyes. We are the lovers of the broken pieces with their rugged edges and stained surfaces. In those pieces, we see our reflection beckoning us to acknowledge the beauty of imperfections. We are the weirdos, the ones who sit on the fringes and thrive on the edges. We are the collectors of the wounded hearts, discovering hope in each others healing scars. We are the ones who have never fit into the norm, taking pride in the company we keep. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are Misfit Love Mafia. – Dez Leuke

Location: Decatur, GA, USA


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