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We support those leaders, communities, and institutions that are realizing a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness, for all.

The world we have created as a species is far from being the place to be proud of. However, there are people and institutions who work tirelessly to make the world better, whether at a small or a large scale.
Luckily there are entrepreneurs, founders, thinkers, ideologues, teachers, investors, architects, chefs, doctors, consultants, artists and many more that are able to generate value and unique experiences that make others happy.
There are also organizations, corporations, institutions, companies and initiatives that innovate intelligently, educate holistically and create ecosystems of influence that allow humans being free, conscious and happy.
The Foundation Brands & Rousers aims to support those leaders and institutions that are making the world a happier place for humans. So we encourage and reward smart innovation, holistic education and research and activism to achieve that happiness is within reach of the largest number of people.
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