Meditation Mount




Meditation Mount Ojai

Meditation Mount is a non-denominational spiritual center where compassion and peace are promoted.
The mission of Meditation Mount is to promote the building of an enlightened and compassionate world through the power of Creative Meditation, inspirational educational programs, and community-based events focused on the practical application of the following universal spiritual principles: Right Human Relations, Goodwill, Group Endeavor, Unanimity, Spiritual Approach, and Essential Divinity.
Meditation Mount is part of a growing global network of groups and individuals who practice meditation as a service to humanity and the world. Our commitment is to be of service to people of all ages and backgrounds.
As wise stewards, we nurture and care for the land so that it may benefit and inspire our many visitors and groups. We honor the natural world by providing a sanctuary for visitors to connect to the sacred quality of all life. Our International Garden of Peace is offered for quiet contemplation.


Location: Ojai, CA, USA

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