Come Where You Are : A Compassionate Communities Webinar

A compassionate city is an uncomfortable city! A city that is uncomfortable when anyone is homeless or hungry. Uncomfortable if every child is not loved and given rich opportunities to grow and thrive. Uncomfortable when as a community we don’t treat our neighbors as we would wish to be treated.

 ~Karen Armstrong, Founder of the global movement, The Charter for Compassion

In a Compassionate Community, people are motivated by compassion to take responsibility for and care for each other. The Charter for Compassion has developed a four-part model or framework for building a Compassionate Community: The Community Toolbox. Those working to create Compassionate Communities are moved through empathy to compassionate action—a desire to address pain and suffering wherever it occurs. Depending on the community, its particular issues, and available resources, this process may take from one or more years from “discover” to “launch.”

Executive Director Marilyn Turkovich and Program Coordinator Mimi Hicklin take a deep dive into looking at the milestones of creating an initiative, uncovering the contents of the Community Toolbox and eventually working alongside local governments to affirm the Charter. By the way, it doesn't always happen the way you think it will.

This webinar offering has something for everyone: seasoned folks who started a compassionate community years ago (with or without using the toolbox), those who are considering starting a compassionate community now and would like to learn more about the resources available, or those who might be struggling in getting the components together.

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