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Crazy Beautiful World is a project that connects inspiring teenagers with creative and compassionate adults to delve into the questions that are on young people’s minds.

The spark came from conversations I was having with my teenage son about the current state of the world. He and his friends had a lot of important questions that the adult world seemed to be ignoring. Together we decided to find a way to connect young people with the adults who are dedicated to their futures, to explore these questions together. 

That’s how Crazy Beautiful World was born. We hope it captures your imagination,

Inez Aponte – Founder

Honest Conversation

Imagine sitting down with someone wise, funny and kind who is genuinely interested in your take on things. Surely that is how good conversation starts.

Unfortunately, too often we let ideas about who we think people are get in the way. At Crazy Beautiful World we are exploring a process called Compassionate Co-Inquiry to reach out across those barriers to create the connections we need  to navigate the future.

Sharing Wisdom

Often when we think of wisdom we think of someone who has lived a long life with many experiences. But there is another form of wisdom that comes from being fresh to the world and open to seeing many different possibilities without the taint of past judgements. It is sometimes called ‘beginners mind’. 

We believe we need many forms of wisdom and it’s time to listen to the wisdom of young people, as well as their concerns and hopes for the future.

Human Signposts

It’s time for adults to admit that the world young people are growing up in is kind of crazy. Of course it’s also incredibly beautiful, but with so much distraction and noise it can be hard to see it. 

We need maps and guides. 

We need to be brave enough to ask for directions. 

We need to become each others’ signposts for the beautiful.  

Location: Dartington, England, United Kingdom

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