InterSpiritual Meditation

InterSpiritual Meditation


An 8-Week Online Course

Course Vision

InterSpiritual Meditation (ISM) is a universal seven-step contemplative process that can be practiced individually and in community with people from diverse perspectives and traditions. ISM integrates Mindfulness with practices for health, happiness, gratitude, transformation, compassion, wisdom and service. It embraces ethnic, racial, gender and spiritual diversity to provide a unifying contemplative practice for compassionate service to the Earth and All Living Beings. ISM gathers into a single practice the primary elements of contemplation and meditation shared by many of the world’s religions. It provides a foundation for compassionate social and environmental activism among peoples of all spiritual and ethical perspectives.  Practicing alone or together, we are unified and strengthened by our diversity. In this class, we will gather as a diverse global contemplative community to learn, practice and support each other in compassionate service.

Small registration button 1Course Logistics

Start Date:                             April 16, 2018
Duration:                               8 Weeks
Registration Opens:                March 1, 2018
Weekly Teleconferences:         Monday at 5 pm Pacific Time
Info & Registration:      
Cost:                                        $49

Course Goals

  1. Deepen your own personal meditation practice.
  2. Integrate the wisdom of one or more secular and spiritual traditions.
  3. Harnesses your personal spiritual and contemplative styles.
  4. Join with a mutually supportive cohort.
  5. Learn to apply meditative calm and compassionate wisdom to public service.
  6. Cultivate an inclusive, non-sectarian meditation in community with others.

The Seven Steps

  1. May We be Happy and Healthy
  2. May We be Grateful
  3. May We be Transformed
  4. May We be Loving and Compassionate
  5. May We become Mindful through our Breathing
  6. May We become Wise through our Meditation
  7. May We be in Service to All Beings

wedlovetohaveyouCourse Elements

  1. Selected readings from “InterSpiritual Meditation.”
  2. Selected readings from “Meditations for InterSpiritual Wisdom.”
  3. Supplementary video written, audio, and video resource materials.
  4. Weekly audio and video instructions by the teacher on each step on ISM.
  5. Daily individual and guided meditations.
  6. Weekly live and recorded webinars. 
  7. Worksheets for personal journaling and reflections on each step of the meditation.
  8. A custom Spiritual Styles Profile Instrument to help each person develop a practice compatible with their primary contemplative styles.
  9. Work with a dyad partner.
  10. Interaction with trained InterSpiritual Mentors.

thumbnail 7The Teacher: Ed Bastian, PhD

Ed Bastian is the president of the Spiritual Paths Foundation and holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies. He is an award-winning documentary film producer, author of the award winning “Living Fully Dying Well,” and author of ”InterSpiritual Meditation” and “Mandala: Creating an Authentic Spiritual Path.” 

Ed is a former Fulbright Fellow in India, Global Trustee for the United Religions Initiative, Smithsonian program director, and board president of the Interfaith Initiative of Santa Barbara. He developed InterSpiritual Meditation through his participation in Father Thomas Keating’s Snowmass Conference and through his close collaboration with over fifty contemplative teachers from many spiritual traditions through dozens of programs he has organized since 2002.

Ed is also on the faculty of Antioch University where he teaches Buddhism and Mindfulness Meditation.  He teaches online courses on InterSpiritual Meditation and the InterSpiritual Mandala Process and leads seminars and workshops at retreat centers throughout America.


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