Islands of Calm


Sarah Cassady,

We offer, for the global movement of Compassionate Cities, a monthly Island of Calm meditation on the last Saturday of each month. The time zones encompass the whole world.

Invitation to the Islands of Calm Meditation for Compassionate Cities

Around the world, media publish stories about turbulence, despair, anger, and fear centered in our cities.

What if we could create conditions where anyone could experience in themselves an Island of Calm? What if that Island of Calm could impact up to 1000 other people to experience calm in their life conditions at home, at work or at play?

Integral City Meshworks is offering a Zoom Islands of Calm Meditation for Compassionate Cities once a month on the last Saturday of each month. Marilyn Hamilton, Founder of Integral City Meshworks leads a Zoom Islands of Calm meditation on Saturdays convenient to 3 Timezones:
DATE AND TIMEUS/CA: Saturday 1 pm PT/ 4 pm ETEU:  Saturday 9 pm UK/ 10 pm CETAU: Sunday 6 am AEST
The Charter for Compassion is honored to co-sponsor this event.

Originally offering to support the Findhorn community in response to the pandemic, it was discovered people were helped to discern both turbulence and calm in the field of their villages and cities. Inspired by David Spangler's proposition that if we can find the Island of Calm in our hearts, we can influence up to 1000 other people, we discovered this had a beautiful and powerful ripple effect that calmed us and strengthened us.

One of the regular Islands of Calm attendees has been Sue Cooper who is the founder of MOMM (Moments of Mass Mindfulness). Located in Nottinghamshire, UK, Sue is guiding Nottinghamshire to become a Compassionate City weaving together MOMM, Compassionate Cities and

Integral City frameworks. Sue sets a great example of showing up for the meditation, participating with a gentle check-in, sharing what she has noticed as turbulence or calm in the Field since the last meditation.

Marilyn Hamilton guides the meditation, inviting in the 4 Archetypal Voices of our cities – Citizens, Civic Managers, Business Innovators and the 3rd Sector or Civil Society. She guides meditators to Care for Themselves, Others, Place and Planet, embracing all our faith systems and all life in our city bioregions. The meditation includes a period when everyone sits in silence, holding the qualities, dimensions and allies who help us co-locate the Island of Calm in ourselves as individuals and collectives.

After the meditation Sue joins the other participants in sharing her experience of the meditation. This is always delightful and valuable as we get a sense of the energies we are collectively noticing and sharing in the Field of our villages and cities.

Altogether the meditation lasts for an hour embracing the check-in, meditation, and checkout.

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