It's Not a Mega-Store

It's Not a Mega-Store


It’s not a mega-store, but the Charter for Compassion International is very excited to officially launch our Marketplace. The Greeks called it the “agora” (Ἀγορά), a gathering place where merchants kept their shops and sold their wares.  As we are coming close to having 2000 partners we wanted a way to feature the “wares” of our partners. Many of these partners are owners of companies or are artists, writers, filmmakers and individuals who offer services. The Charter wanted a way to promote their good works, to create a way to add to our infrastructure of sustainability, and to offer alternative “gift” and personal items for purchase.  

We invite you to our grand opening and we hope you come back frequently and browse through the offerings—they are growing in number everyday. If you find a vendor who piques your interest, click on the link that is provided in their box and take a closer look and explore the possibilities. Each of these stalls is paying a modest fee to be featured in our agora.

Graduation in many parts of the world and Mother’s Day will be fast upon us and you might consider an appropriate book or other gifts from our Marketplace.  Each time we send out a newsletter we’ll refer back to some new items in the Marketplace.  Take a close look at the Clothing and Accessories this week.  Many of you have mentioned that you’d like to have a Charter for Compassion T-shirt.  We have them available—in three style and many colors and sizes—through our partner, Sonadei. How is your sock situation? I don’t know how it happens but I frequently fiind one sock missing.  Our partner Pal Socks is making mismatched socks a trend.  Take a look—they are not your average sock.  Then to round off our Clothing and Accessories category we one set of beads and two wristbands offered from two different partners, Compassion Shops and Compassion It.  

Help our partners and help the Charter at the same time.  Join us in our enthusiasm and tell your friends about us.  If you have a product or service to sell let us know and we’ll be back to you with all the details.  Let me also introduce you to our store volunteer manager, Liz Lambregste.  Let her know of your interest.

Join Us in these Important Webinars This Week

May 3rd, 8am PT: Ellen Antonelli, speaker and author of the forthcoming Dancing on Our Fathers’ Feet to discuss "Transforming the Male-Centric Ethos."

In her own words Ellen says: "My life’s mission is to empower women: questioning the discrimination and violence women suffer at the hands of men; researching and teaching women’s studies to high school juniors and seniors; recognizing the inconsistencies within our Christian society—the hawkish xenophobia, the racism, the homophobia, the blatant misogyny—that religion paradoxically seemed not only to support but to inculcate. Early on, I rebelled against the idea that Eve had manifested women’s inferiority to men, and I resented Church Fathers who used her story to subjugate women."

You can learn more about Ellen, and register for the webinar call here.

May 4, 12 pm PT: Robin Youngson in a book Discussion From Hero to Healer (part of the Charter's Global Read Series)

If you are a social or environmental activist, reading this little book might be the best investment you ever make. Here's the question: Why are we not making more progress on social and environmental issues? Instead, we are witnessing more poverty, more inequality, more chronic disease, more social breakdown, worsening pollution, and a growing climate crisis. Could it be that the strategies we employ as activists are actually sustaining the problems we’re trying to address? With touching honesty and humility, author Robin Youngson shares the five biggest mistakes he made in a decade of campaigning, and how his counter-intuitive new strategies led to international success.

Get the book for free (PDF, ePub and Kindle versions)' Buy the book for as little as $1.00 and donate 50% of the purchase price to the Charter for Compassion International! Register for the webinar.

Staff Openings at a Unique Community School

The Puget Sound Community School (PSCS) in Seattle has a teaching position and openings for three other positions in the school. For the PSCS teaching position the school is looking for someone who can demonstrate the ability to facilitate social justice topics at school, both from an ability and a desire standpoint.  Postings for all positions can be found here.

The Charter’s Infrastructure

It’s true that most times when we send out a newsletter we ask for you to consider being a member of the Charter through a donation or to renew your membership.  Our memberships and donations is one part of our infrastructure for sustainability.  Offering courses through our Charter Education Institute is another and now the Marketplace is a way we can help our partners and ourselves at the same time. How are your donations used? While we are primarily a volunteer organization we have obligations: paying for platforms for our webinars and conference calls, hosting and maintaining our websites, and paying for special project like our Islamophobia Guidebook. We are putting up a few examples on our Donate page to help amplify our need.  Hopefully you’ll continue to help us keep the Charter for Compassion moving forever.  We appreciate each donation no matter the size.  Thank you.

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