The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness
    From Tuesday 27 March 2018
    To Thursday 17 May 2018


    Louisa F Word Opening Reception Modus Locus 17 March 18  The F Word Modus Locus 17 March 2018  Modus Locus 1
    The Forgiveness Project's photographic-narrative exhibit, The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness is currently installed at Modus Locus in South Minneapolis until April 17, 2018. North American Coordinator for the exhibit, Louisa Hext, is a member of The Charter for Compassions' Global Team.
    The exhibition is a thought provoking collection of arresting images and personal narratives exploring forgiveness, reconciliation, restorative justice, redemption .  The language of Forgiveness cuts public opinion down the middle like a guillotine, particularly in the RJ community!  It is a word that inspires and affronts in equal measure. To some, it is weak and offensive, while to others it is a form of  self-defiance, the only way to live with the past without being held captive by it. These stories show the highly personal, diverse and complex nature of forgiveness.
    The F Word exhibition was created by The Forgiveness Project, an award-winning, secular organization that collects and shares personal stories to explore how concepts of reconciliation, conflict resolution and dialogue can be used to break cycles of violence and restore hope. The stories build understanding and encourage reflection, drawing together voices from countries such as South Africa, the United States, Canada, Northern Ireland and England. 
    Additionally, there's an array of programming - yoga, meditation, story-telling, film throughout the installation.  Watch the Modus Locus feed on Facebook and the website to learn more.


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