The Peace Dragon
    From Thursday 20 September 2018
    To Friday 21 September 2018

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    Let’s celebrate the International day of Peace with the intention of bringing it into our daily lives!

    With six different sessions open to our world communities, registrants can attend several reading and drawing sessions! For each session time, the first half hour we’ll view the captivating illustrations of The Peace Dragon, while listening to a lively reading of this latest release from the award-winning Peace Dragon Tales picture book collection.

    After a fifteen-minute break, we’ll take pencil to paper and draw Peace Dragons! Using a step-by-step, no erase method, we’ll employ the familiar strokes of a question mark, the letters J, C, and a straight line or two to build our dragons. Dragons are drawn with empty hands, allowing artists to choose what gift they’d like their dragons to bring to the world.

    By picturing peace in our lives, we can send peace out into the world!

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