Peace Dragon with Linda Ragsdale
    Monday, November 26, 2018, 08:00am



    Peace Dragon coverFrom the award-winning Peace Dragon Tales picture book collection, The Peace Dragon appears, putting a lens on how people choose to see and speak to one another. 
    In the magic of narrated storytelling, Sherwyn is an explorer at heart and when he accidentally meets a peace dragon, he’s begins to explore the borders of his own thinking. As the bonds of their friendship grow, Sherwyn learns the Peace Dragon’s secret, and his compassionate heart leads to what he thinks, and the Peace Dragon hopes, is the ultimate solution. 
    But is it? 
    The Peace Dragon is a tale for the times, opening hearts and minds by letting go of fear and judgment, and mapping the way to peace! Kirkus says,”... This doe-eyed dragon may help children look to others who are different with compassion instead of fear, whether it be on the playground or in the world.” 


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