International Conference on Collaborating for Compassion
    From Tuesday, May 07, 2019
    To Saturday, May 11, 2019


    Education Today, Society Tomorrow International Conference for Educators on Collaborating for Compassion

    2:00 pm, Tuesday May 7, 2019 to 12:30 pm, Saturday May 11, 2019

    At Asia Plateau, Panchgani, Maharashtra, India

    Education Today, Society Tomorrow (ETST) is one of the initiatives of Initiative of Change (IofC). As a part of this initiative, regular workshops for educators have been conducted over the last 25 years taking participants on a journey of inner transformation leading to increased personal happiness, professional effectiveness and societal change. Asia Plateau is perhaps one of the few spaces that brings together educators and students from rural and urban areas, public and private schools, on one common platform. The intense reflection, creative conversations and synergistic collaborations all aim at reinventing schools and rebuilding the world. 

    The Purpose of this Conference: 

    Compassion lies at the heart of all world traditions. The teaching of compassion and related skills (like empathy, kindness, gratitude and service) can assist students in becoming more aware of their own emotions and more sensitive to those of others. This increases positive energy and loving actions in the service of the wellbeing of all. 

    The purpose of this Conference is to initiate a culture of Compassion and Collaboration in our schools and colleges so that we can together take positive action towards reclaiming Peace and Prosperity in our nation and the world. 

    Who Should Attend? 

    - School Principals and Head Masters

    - Teachers and Students from schools and colleges Leaders working in NGOs in the field of Education 


    The Objectives of this Conference: 

    Participants attending this conference will be able to: 

    - Learn the ground rules to be compassionate and inclusive towards people, irrespective of religion, caste, creed, nationality or ideological preferences; 

    - Learn powerful conversational and facilitation tools (Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry etc.) to facilitate collaboration, open heartfelt conversations, and co-creation for fostering compassionate behaviour; 

    - Be a part of a global network of Compassionate Schools that are a part of the Charter for Compassion (Sign the Charter for Compassionate Schools here. (free!); 

    - Access Teaching & Learning Resources on Compassion to further spread compassion in schools and colleges; 

    - Understand the role of Educational Institutions in creating Compassionate Cities; 

    - Learn how to be compassionate towards the Environment & our eco-system; and 

    - Make a plan for developing Trainers and Master Trainers for Compassion in Schools/Colleges to take this work forward. 

    Conference Director:
     Arun Wakhlu, Chairman Pragati Foundation, co-author of ‘One Wholesome World’ and co-initiator of ETST. Mobile No. +919890030080, Email id. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Co-Directors: Dr. Niloufer Aga and Rekha Shahani, veteran educationists and leadership facilitators. 

    Registration Details: 

    Please Register your Nominations by 10th April 2019 here.

    Registration Fee: 5,000/- per participant (non-refundable, payable at the time of registration). While the course fee is being generously sponsored by Transasia Biomedicals Pvt. Ltd., you are welcome to contribute towards it on a ‘pay it forward basis’. Please pay the registration fee and your heartfelt contribution here

    (Choose NEFT/Bank Transfer to avoid paying convenience fee). 

     Sanjay Lele | Mobile No. +918380093276 | Email Id. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

    We are grateful to Transasia Biomedicals Pvt. Ltd. for their support of this conference. 

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