June 2015 Newsletter: Compassion for Care

June 2015 Newsletter: Compassion for Care

The Charter for Compassion presents the founder of Compassion for Care in our next conference call.

The call will take place at 7 AM PDT on June 16. [Please note this time and check with Time Converter to see what time the call will occur in your area. Place 7 AM Seattle in the first location box.] Register for the call.

Salmaan Sana is multi-faceted consultant and facilitator who has a special passion for the field of health care. He is the founder of the non profit "Compassion for Care"  which is committed to recognizing the individual’s soul and spirit as an integral part of treatment and outreach – in both wellness work and treating illness and injury.  He is one of the initiators of the "Healthcare Leadership Schools", a week course that guides medical students and young physicians in becoming aware of their pivotal role within the healthcare system and the influence they can have. He is a co-founder of 'Nameshapers', focused offering training and coaching on social media strategy and implementation. He consults for the International association for medical education (AMEE) in helping bridge the offline and online learning environments. Currently he is works as a senior consultant for the social enterprise 'Better Future', guiding transformations of organisations into ones working from a more principled based center and having high positive and influential impact.

In this conference call, Sana will focus on how compassionate care is integrated in hospital and institutional levels. This involves medical training, internships, practice, daily grind for physicians, nurses, physiotherapists as well as all administrative staff. After working for a year within a medical center as the "Chief compassionate officer", he gained both experience and insight on how to make compassion 'practical' in setting often limited by time, finances and with a very high work/stress load.

The build up of the conference call will involve the following three themes: awareness, insight and action. It is through these three themes that Sana will describe methodologies and practices in making Compassion tangible, in this case in a hospital setting. Using examples he has been able to apply and put into practice himself, he will give descriptions of specific questions to ask. Examples of how to get healthcare workers to connect with themselves, their colleagues and their patients. And ways of and empowering the staff to be able to take responsibility for creating their own engaging work environment.

See Salmaan's TEDX talk.

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