Just a Drop in a Vast Sea


Looking at my life, I feel, at times, inconsequential. If I wasn’t here tomorrow, if I disappeared without a trace, would anyone notice? Does my life, the life of anyone, really matter? Are we just one forgettable drop in a sea of forever? The conundrum — I can believe that I do not matter or I can recognize the many ways that my one drop impacts the other drops around me.

In our interactions with friends, coworkers, family, we are better able to recognize we impact others. It may occur as part of an evolving conversation or in our commitment to the relationship. It may be a simple word or action or something deeply profound and life changing. It is in each moment we connect in uplifting ways and when we reach out during discouraging times. Awareness is the key to our impact.

But, our awareness washes away in the torrential downpours of life. We become inundated with people, events, and circumstances until we find our self swimming in a pool of despair. Carried away from the moment, we find our self trapped in past regrets or propelled into a worrisome potential future. We need not remain in the past or future. When we rest in our quiet mind and fully engage in the moment, we feel drops of hope and potential gently caressing us as we return to the moment.

These times of peaceful engagement seldom last for chaos seems almost a constant in these challenging time. Swept once again into the tumult, we are carried away on this mad dash. In our not so gentle landing, we might bounce once or twice before our speed slows and we are here now. Once back in the moment, our drop seeps into the parched land melting the barriers of suffering. Behind the lines of suffering, our drop, in large and small ways, effects change. We may even find our perspectives shifting. As we connect, we view our self less as inconsequential and more profound.

One small drop in an infinite ocean of drops may seem unimportant and easily lost, but that drop may touch the earth in ways that open the floodgates for other drops to pour through. Or, maybe we are a drop falling somewhere in the middle that provides the ongoing energy to move through the current challenge. Or, perhaps, we are the last drop through the floodgate. We are the catalyst that changes everything.

It matters not where we are, but that we are a drop in the vast sea of compassionate presence. And, our part in this community of compassion is anything but inconsequential.

Small drop, mighty impact through our connection with others.


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vanessahurstVanessa F. Hurst, ms,  is a Mindful Coach, Compassion Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Author who interweaves her inner wisdom in all she touches.

Her books are A Constellation of Connections: Contemplative Relationships and Engaging Compassion Through Intent & Action.

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