Theme: How to Create a Just World


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What is this Theme About?

Throughout the history of our planet, we have struggled with equality. The coronavirus pandemic exposed and intensified social and economic inequities.  

No matter the critical problem we are facing, from racial issues, to those affecting women and children, from climate disasters to impairment of voter rights, dismantling white supremacy and privilege, and gun violence, social justice is at the core.  And the gaps continue to between those that have and those that don’t—a decent wage, clean water, a sheltering home, and food. This theme gives each of us an opportunity to explore our own -isms, raises our awareness, so we will be ready to dismantle negative influences in our society.



  1. How do we raise our awareness to the experience of the global majority, those that face sexual and gender inequality, and those in our world, such as women, immigrants, and indigenous peoples who are disenfranchised?

  2. Where do we begin? How do we examine those beliefs we learned as children that influence our belief in privilege?

  3. How do we become more inclusive in our home and community? 


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2023 Course Offerings



  • My Grandmother’s Hands Book Group TBD 12/04/23
  • Crossing Borders-Arnd 11/13/23



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Our Global Reads

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Recommended Resources


  • White fragility
  • Me & White Supremacy
  • My Grandmothers Hands


Films For the Planet


  • Active Hope — Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone
  • Coming Back to Life—Joanna Macy & Mollie Brown

Charter Sectors:

Environment, Social Justice, Health, Science and Research, Gender Partnerships, Peace, Education, Arts, Religion, Interfaith and Spirituality

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