Kidskintha is a digital media site geared towards the emotional health of both parents and children. We believe that emotional health and life skills are important for both parents and kids to raise an emotionally robust, resilient and wise generation. We focus on research and insights from child development, psychology and bring it to parents every day.

To forward this mission, we are hosting India's first virtual conference for millennial parents with 28 experts from across the globe. We have speakers from the diverse fields of neurology, psychology, mental health coaching, teaching, educational entrepreneurship and many more speaking on unique challenges of the current generation. Kidskintha aims at addressing challenges for parents from all over the globe- because we believe the emotions and the challenges with parenting are largely culture-agnostic.

Parenting is an incredible experience.

It comes with a “YOU ARE INCHARGE” badge written in neon and bold, right off the bat! – when you are silently begging for sleep, help, and some adult conversation – while loving crazy like never before.

Our tagline is “Raising Parents, Raising Children”.

Why? Because, parenting is never about raising children alone. We must first raise ourselves as parents.

We raise confident kids when we do not overlook self-care. We become aware of our children’s needs when we are fulfilled in our roles. We raise independent children by demonstrating independent thought and action. We raise curious children by reaching out to the world. We raise empathetic children when we feel secure in the support groups we have created. We raise savvy kids, when we are unafraid to try new things.

Kidskintha is dedicated to jump starting conversations around millennial parenting – thoughts, tools, actions and words that can influence the coming up of the brave new generation.

Our stories are funny, relatable, honest and uplifting – with a spirit that mirrors the journey of parenthood. Our writers are millennial moms, dads, teachers, grandparents, the neighbourhood aunties and uncles – basically, anyone who has a message that came from experiencing something with a child.

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India

About Us

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