Las Vegas, NV, USA

Las Vegas, NV, USA

In 2016 Las Vegas became COMPASSIONATE Las Vegas... This year there were six awards in a variety of areas, with Mayor Carolyn Goodman and City Councils. First Responders to our recent tragedy were highlighted!

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A world where all faiths, spiritual paths, cultural traditions, and communities cooperate for the benefit of all and are honored, respected, and celebrated.


It is the Mission of the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada to promote mutual understanding, respect, appreciation and cooperation among people of various faith and cultural communities in Southern Nevada and in the world as a whole by appreciating the sacred, extending hospitality, offering educational opportunities, encouraging compassionate leadership, sharing in service and working for justice.


Build and sustain bridges of understanding, respect, and appreciation in our multifaith and multicultural community.
Provide opportunities for dialogue, partnership, education, service, hospitality, and celebration among people of various faiths and cultures.
Cultivate wide spread community support for interfaith and multicultural work in Southern Nevada and the world.

Compassionate Las Vegas is sponsored by the Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada:

Take Action To Support Muslim Communities

The Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada joined the Muslim community of Las Vegas for a prayer vigil for the innocent victims of violence in both the East and the West. The event took place at the Jamai Masjid in Las Vegas on December 13 and was covered by the Las Vegas Sun. This violence, they said, is causing subsequent fear and hateful backlash towards American Muslims.

"When violent perpetrators want to induce fear, hate, and scorn, we all must reject violence in the name of religion. We must increase our efforts as faith communities and people of principles to determine our own future and hold ourselves to live up to our professed ideals as practitioners of our respective and constitutionally protected faiths," they said in an email.

The Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada is also joining with a budding movement of entitled "No Violence in the Name of Religion" (NVNR) to sponsor a community dinner. The NVNR movement is an effort started by the Muslim community "to challenge the violence being perpetrated in the name of our religion, and religion in general." Read more here.

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