Correction: Opening Our Eyes to Inequalities and Remedies starts 11/15 for $25!

Correction: Opening Our Eyes to Inequalities and Remedies starts 11/15 for $25!
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As we are preparing for our Global Gala on November 20th, and enthusiastic responses arrive from everywhere, I am drawn to share this letter with you by this week's guest author Michael Lisagor. Our Charter family blankets the world and therefore includes a great variety of people. Some are religious and some are not, but we all share the Charter's core value The Golden Rule; treat others as you would like to be treated.

I hope you will join us and celebrate compassion!

With warm regards,

A Buddhist’s Perspective about the Charter for Compassion

Why do two 50+ year practitioners of SGI Nichiren Buddhism strongly support the Charter for Compassion? The short answer…because it represents the basic essence of the Buddhist principle of dependent origination which teaches that, ultimately, all life is interconnected…an integral part of a universal tapestry of life. And, that the real nature of human beings can only be correctly understood in the context of their connection with others whose sufferings are also our own. This is just one reason why it’s so important to treat others as we would like to be treated.
My wife and I have known the Charter’s Director, Marilyn Turkovich, for 18 years. We have watched with immense joy the exponential growth of the organization’s global outreach through the efforts of its many many volunteers.



Global Gala Highlights
Please join us on November 20th!
Learn more about the event and register

We continue to offer a glimpse of those we will honor at the Gala in two weeks’ time. Today, we highlight The Parents Circle—Families Forum and September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, both organizations comprised of people who chose compassion over revenge and channeled their grief into healing.
Laila Al-Sheikh and Robi Damelin will accept a humanitarian award on behalf of The Parents Circle – Families Forum (PCFF), a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization of over 600 families, all of whom have lost an immediate family member to the ongoing conflict. Their focus is on promoting dialogue, tolerance, reconciliation and peace, to end bereavement.

​On behalf of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, Rev. Dianne Hudder will accept a humanitarian award. The organization's name comes from a statement made by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Wars are poor chisels for carving out peaceful tomorrows.” It was started by a small group of family members of those killed on 9/11, when they read each others’ pleas for nonviolent and reasoned responses to the terrorist attacks.

Visit our Gala pages on our website and purchase tickets. We don't want anyone to be excluded.



Humanity 360 introduces Opening our Eyes to Inequalities and Remedies. Led by cultural anthropologist and educator Taya Pocock, this three-week course is designed to familiarize you with three topics of the utmost importance for all walks of contemporary life: human rights, urban poverty, and homelessness.

This course will provide practical information, accompanied by real-life stories, compelling videos, and stimulating prompts that encourage personal reflection, growth, and collaborative thought with your instructor and other participants. Of absolute significance—explore innovative solutions for these global issues, and guidance on how to make change in your own lives, as well as reach out.

Starts November 15th Cost $25

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The Revolutionary Scientific Evidence That Caring Makes a Difference

In next month's Global Read,  physician scientists Stephen Trzeciak and Anthony Mazzarelli uncover the eye-opening data that compassion could be a wonder drug for the 21st century.

Now, for the first time ever, a rigorous review of the science - coupled with captivating stories from the front lines of medicine - demonstrates that human connection in health care matters in astonishing ways. Never before has all the evidence been synthesized together in one place.

November 8, 12 pm PT Donation or Free
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conversation collective

Do you wish you had a place where you could exhale and connect with people seeking to build a better society one mindful conversation at a time? Then the Conversation Collective is for you.

Citizen Discourse and Charter for Compassion are offering two weekly conversations that help us build our emotional intelligence skills, connect with new people, and become better listeners. 

Drop in and join us. Get centered, meet global citizens and practice civil discourse. If you're curious and wish to learn more, reach out by email to . 

Mondays at 3:00 pm PT and Thursdays at 9:00 am PT
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Compassionate Las Vegas believes that the need for more compassion is the most pressing issue of our time. There is data to support that love and compassion are not luxuries but necessities for human survival. Compassionate Las Vegas hosts and inspires a network of compassionate businesses, government institutions, groups and individuals so that Las Vegas may be a more compassionate place to live, work and play.

Join the Charter in conversation with Compassionate Las Vegas to learn more!

November 17, 8:30 am PDT Donation or Free Register here




Consider a volunteer opportunity with the Charter for Compassion! We are looking to grow much of what we are already doing and exploring new opportunities that match our mission. Let's see if we're a good fit! Please take our survey.


Go to our TAKE ACTION page to find a variety of ways in which to interact with the Charter and some of our key strategic partners. The Charter for Compassion is essentially a movement with many different players; individuals, compassionate cities, partner organizations and coalitions of other organizations all coming together as one network. 

As a non-profit, the Charter relies on the generosity of its members and communities to continue to meet our mission of making compassion a clear, luminous, and dynamic force in our polarized world. Help us share our vision and work with your family, colleagues, neighbors, and organizations in which you are involved.  Host a Charter Salon with friends and family, at home, with your faith community, or colleagues from work. We have everything you need: invitations, links to films, brochures, PowerPoints if you prefer, and even talking points. Contact Us and we’ll get back to you, follow up with an e-mail, call or Zoom meeting. We rely on people who believe in our mission to help touch the lives of those in local communities and across the world.


The Charter for Compassion has a bold, audacious vision of co-creating a world that works for everyone. Please support the Charter with a monthly contribution that helps to build this global compassionate community - person by person, school by school, and city by city. Thank you!
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