Last Chance to Register for Our Shared Humanity Course! $30

Last Chance to Register for Our Shared Humanity Course! $30
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Last chance to register for Gudjon Bergmann's Our Share Humanity: Legacy Edition. This is a four-week course including live zoom sessions (optional) and it only costs $30!

Are you tired of the divisiveness and acrimony that pervades our society? Do you want to learn actual techniques and strategies to counter the trend and create harmony? Would you like to be able to help other people do the same?

In addition to learning these skills and strategies for yourself, this legacy edition includes:

  • Unrestricted permission to use the course material for facilitating and training
  • Co-Human Harmony (ebook)
  • Google Slideshow with video links and speaker notes
  • Unlimited access to the online course material
  • Four interactive Zoom sessions on how to guide others through the material 



Whether the goal is de-escalation or increased social harmony, the ideas and methods in this 4-week course apply equally to interfaith and interideological communications. It brings together ideas from interfaith activists, Nobel peace prize laureates, modern psychologists, and ancient Indian seekers to create a unique recipe for all those who are interested in working towards finding common ground.

You will learn about dialogue principles, bridge-building techniques, basic human psychology, the experiential dimensions of faith, effective communications, and more. What makes the legacy edition special is that you will also learn how to guide others through the material and facilitate shared human experiences and dialogues.

Starts January 3rd, Cost $30

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