Time Continuum

Time Continuum
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Today's featured article is by Nnaumrata Arora, who has been a part of our Charter for Compassion family for the last four years. Living in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, Nnaumrata is a Community Weaver, and Founder and Lead Consultant at Enactive Systems. She has been an integral part of the work in the Charter's Women and Girls sector. With warm regards, Marilyn

Ever have the feeling that you are stuck in time? It happens most often when we want to hold on to memories of dear ones who are no longer with us, or when we refuse to let go of situations that have made us feel good about ourselves. Some of us carry the past with us, refusing to let go of something that might be detrimental for us to cling to and sometimes ...

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How to realize the power of vulnerability and open your heart to joy

Rather than a weakness, vulnerability is a source of strength and courage but all too often we hesitate to embrace it. We turn away from uncomfortable feelings and armour ourselves against disappointment, joy and trust. In fact, it is this armour that causes us harm, that blocks our creativity and ability to show love. However, when we explore our vulnerability and come to understand its potential, we can learn to stand firm in the face of whatever life brings.

These winter pansies are buffeted by the wind and rain and yet they stand beautiful and courageous against the backdrop of the city street. They are a perfect symbol of the power of vulnerability‚ÄĒstrong yet tender, exposed yet invincible.

Starts February 22,  Cost: $50

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see no stranger

Next week's Global Read: The future is dark. But is this the darkness of the tomb ‚Äď or the darkness of the womb?

How do we labor for the world we want when the labor feels endless? Valarie Kaur ‚Äď renowned Sikh activist, filmmaker, and civil rights lawyer ‚Äď declares that revolutionary love is the call of our time, a radical, joyful practice that extends in three directions: to others, to our opponents, and to ourselves. It enjoins us to see no stranger but instead look at others and say: You are a part of me I do not yet know. Starting from that place of wonder, the world begins to change: It is a practice that can transform a relationship, a community, a culture, even a nation.

February 9, Donation or Free
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Martin Luther King - 40 Days of Peace Campaign

Please visit the Charter for Compassion website to see the variety of programs and events we are sponsoring until the end of February in honor of Martin Luther King. There are links to three Spotify playlists designed to commemorate "The Black Experience," "Songs of the Civil Rights Movement," and "Still We Sing," an international compilation of songs of struggle. Of special note are three events in which you will want to participate: 

Heal Our Cities with Arun Wakhlu and
Debashsish Naya

The problems of megacities all over the world can be healed with compassion.¬†As compassion in action begins to heal our cities, we envision them becoming more spiritually fulfilling, socially just, environmentally sustainable, and abundantly thriving cities. This will call for the awakening of citizens to the soul power of compassion, and building what MLK called ‚ÄúBeloved Community.‚ÄĚ This is identical to¬†Gandhi‚Äôs approach of SarvŇćdaya, a Sanskrit term which generally means "universal uplift" or "progress of all."

This workshop will examine the compassion laden thoughts of MLK and Gandhi, and relate these to healing our cities.¬†We will also learn about MLK‚Äôs journey (10th February to 10th March, 1959) through several cities in India linked to Mahatma Gandhi. MLK saw him as ‚Äúthe guiding light of our technique of nonviolent social change.‚ÄĚ Here MLK learnt of Gandhi‚Äôs famous Salt March, which was to later inspire the historical Selma to Montgomery March in March 1965.

The Workshop will share about work done by Debashsish and Arun to heal the cities of Ahmedabad and Pune in India, and also leave the attendees with pointers for action to heal their own cities.

February 4, 9-10:30 am PST
Register here

why Martin?     

Why Martin? will be a two-part interactive series led by Matt Hayes. He will help attendees learn why Martin Luther King Jr. stood apart, and how he set the standard for compassionate leadership. During these conversations, Matt will pull practices from the life of Martin Luther King Jr. that will teach us how to create long-lasting change, the importance of our own personal beliefs, and how to live a life with meaning and integrity. Please join these informative and transformative conversations with Matt and others who are passionate about compassionate leadership.

February 19 ad 26, 9 am PST Register here


"lessons from my 7 and half years, often 24/7, work with dr. martin luther king, jr"

Keynote: Clarence Jones
Moderator: Jonathan Granoff
Respondents: Rt. Rev. Bill Swing and Audrey Kitagawa

Clarence Jones was Dr. Martin Luther King's advisor, lawyer, close friend, and speech writer. His keynote presentation will be unique, insightful and substantive. There are few people who were as much engaged in the thinking and advocacy of one of the most influential moral and political leaders of modern times. His engagement in the historic events led by Dr. King is inspiring. 

The United Religions Initiative, Voices for a Nuclear Free World and the Global Security Institute are co-sponsors of this event.

February 22, 9-10:30 am PST
Register here Limited space available


In the month of February many in the world will focus on our common humanity‚ÄĒexplore grave issues that we share and for which we need to find solutions. Special dialogues will occur between groups of different faiths, and those opposed to organized religion, to search for paths of understanding. Religious and spiritual practices will be shared and experienced, and each participating individual in these practices can expect to be enriched, changed, and come closer to realizing that our similarities are stronger and more prevalent than our differences.

This year to celebrate WIHW we decided to extend our offering beyond a day, week, month or even a year. We have assembled a compilation of music from many of the world’s religious traditions and have added into the mix some reflective songs that challenge our current thinking, spur emotions, and provide avenues for contemplation.
Learn about each selection and gain access to learning to the entire playlist.



Warm up with good conversation!
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