A New Mantra for Golden Rule Day: You Need This

A New Mantra for Golden Rule Day: You Need This
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Oh, had I a golden thread

And a needle so fine I would weave a magic spell Of rainbow design...

In it I would weave the courage

Of women giving birth

And in it I would weave the innocence Of the children of all the earth Children of all the earth

Won't you show my brothers and sisters My rainbow design 'Cause I would bind up this sorry world With hand and my heart and mind....

~ Pete Seeger


The words above were written by renowned U.S. folk singer, Pete Seeger. The lyrics provide access to the hope we need during some very troubling times. This Golden Rule Day 2022 is burdened with heart wrenching images that are branded on our hearts, and our ears are filled with the cries of pain coming from Ukrainians in the middle of a nightmare. Suffering occurs on both sides of the border, whichever side of this invasion. Russian families are suffering, suffering from severe lack of information and the arrival of dead soldiers physically coming home for the last time. What were we enduring in 2021, as death tolls mounted with tens of thousands dying daily from COVID? What scars are we left with from 2020? Extreme fires in Australia and the West of the US, chaos in Afghanistan. In the decade leading up to this one, more than 350,000 Syrians lost their lives in a war is uncannily termed a Civil War. What war is civil?

Golden Rule Day is a reminder of universal hope. Without hope and the love that we experience in connection with others what remains for tomorrow? Just as we are wired to be compassionate and act with kindness, we are people of hope. The virtues of faith, hope and charity should be our mantra for Golden Rule Day.  

All things are possible--life without war, existence without the need of nuclear weapons, air that is clean, science that works to eradicate illness, food scarcity, houselessness, and human rights available and extended to all people. Justice and equity assured. Pete Seeger's "Golden Thread" epitomizes the Golden Rule. In our 2022 Golden Rule Day production we want you to join us to weave a magic spell. It is our way of painting the rainbow design as we "bind up this sorry world" with our hands, heart, and mind--and of course, with compassionate action. 


Register for Golden Rule Day (GRD). The video program will be broadcast three times:
at 12 am PDT (midnight--the start of Golden Rule Day)
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and again at 4 pm PDT.
In addition to the Golden Rule Day video presentation, we share five conversations on Golden Rule Day live on our Facebook page.
All panels are listed in Pacific Daylight Savings Time, on April 5
2 am: Youth Panel
6 am: Anti-Racism
10 am Veganism
12 pm Environment

A Spotify playlist has been made to compliment our Golden Rule Day 2022. Most of the music and spoken word and more are on the Playlist. Listen HERE!