Charter Education Bulletin - April 2022

Charter Education Bulletin - April 2022

We are trying something new.  Below is our second quarterly bulletin from our Education Sector.  We felt that it contained so much information that we wanted to share it with our entire mailing list.  Please note the special upcoming course on trauma that we will be offering jointly with Thomas Hübl’s Pocket Project and please don’t forget to join us for Golden Rule Day.

APRIL 1, 2022                                                                                                                                                                                                       QUARTERLY BULLETIN #2



Golden Rule Day

Join us for the Charter for
Compassion’s annual Golden Rule Day
on April 5. This 90-minute video program is available by registering through the Charter’s website. There will also be several panel discussions available through our Facebook page. Use the webcast and website pages to supplement students’ learning. Note: Women of the World Unite may contain sensitive material for some viewers.

EdNet Forum

The Education Network Forum (EdNet Forum) is the Charter for Compassion's way to experience new philosophies, pedagogies, and methodologies of education as they are in practice today. It is also an opportunity to explore the neuroscience of the brain and its relationship to education. At the same time, it is our way of opening the door to seeing how social-emotional learning, the acquisition of spiritual growth, compassion, and kindness can be modeled and taught as skills. The EdNet Forum is offered twice monthly, on the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:30-9:00 am Pacific Time. If the time is not available to you, register to get a copy of the preseentation as an mp4. Visit EdNet to receive handouts for each offering. Please note there are two special EdNet Forums on Monday, May 16 and June 6 with Dr. Andrew Garner on “What Happens In Childhood Does Not Stay in Childhood” and Beyond Toxic Stress: How to Implement Relations Health.


Students Write on Compassion

My Act of Heart is an anthology celebrating acts of compassion by children from around the world. Guided by Anjali Sharma and Deepika Abuja from Compassionate India the illustrated book keeps readers engageed with heart-warming stories. Each story is based on real acts performed by children.

Readers are inspired to pause and reflect on how it takes courage to act compassionately. Come immerse yourself in these stories and be encouraged to join these children in the compassion movement. These are stories of children, by children and for all of us. Along with stories, there are activities at end of each chapter that children can themselves do, to build their empathy muscle. What makes this book unique is that these are true moral and value-based stories where heroes are one of the children living among us. The book is now for sale in India, but will be available world wide via Amazon September 2022.


School Childrens Acts of Compassion, has been released as an eBook. The production of the book was lead by Chloe and Eliza, two students from Loreto Secondary School in Ballarat, Australia, a compassionate city. Chloe and Eliza gathered stories of local school children who have initiated projects of extraordinary kindness and compassion. From the introduction:

Filled with feats of endurance and survival, tragedy and celebration, these stories ground us in the wonder of our shared lives. They also become part of our individual lives, shared connections resonating deep within us. Some of these we carry forward into our futrures; others we choose to leave behind. And from this place we go on to write our own life story, filled with its own joys, sorrows, hopes and fears.

The School Childrens Acts of Compassion is available free as an eBook.

If you want to feature projects involving your schools or compassionate communities, let us know and we’ll publish them here. If you want to explore ideas with our Education Sector Team, let us know and we’ll get
in touch.


Thomas Hübl

The Pocket Project, in partnership with the Charter for Compassion, is offering a 6-month course to develop trauma-informed awareness and strengthen our sources of resilience and sensitivity with the aim of opening up to an increased flow of information, creativity and impact. 

This course will allow us to expand our awareness of our lives, our organizations and our relationship to the world to include movements that take place below the surface and give rise to our every-day experience. We often wish to free ourselves from recurring patterns of friction and find ways to express our love and service more genuinely and effectively. Instead of being caught in the symptoms, we aim to acquire the ability to turn our gaze to the unseen layers and trace back the lines of creation to their origins so that we become more able to integrate the past, fulfil our potential and create new opportunities and possibilities.

Learn more about the course and objectives. Participate in an introductory session on April 26, 11 am, PDT.  If you believe that after participating in Module 0 on April 26 that the Trauma course is one in which you want to participate then register for the 10 Module course. Registration will be open on April 27.


Dan Siegel

Mon, April 4, 2022 @ 1pm PDT: Becoming Aware: Reducing Anxiety and Cultivating Calm, Find Your Zen! Don't miss this free ParentEd Talk by renowned auther Dan Siegel, M.D.

In this illuminating ParentMap Live talk, renowned psychiatrist, Mindsight Institute cofounder and author Dan Siegel, M.D., will break down techniques to help parents become more mindful in their daily routines. Drawing from the groundbreaking Wheel of Awareness practice outlined in his bestselling books "Aware" and "Becoming Aware," Dr.Siegel will share everyday exercises to regain inner balance and peace, while reducing fear, anxiety and stress.



Please Join Us for these Special Events!


Positively Empowered Kids: Thursday, April 7th, 7:30-9:00 am PDT

Global Read: Mother - A Tribute Photographer, Marsel van Oosten: Friday, April 22nd, 9am PDT