Last Chance to Register for Fostering Compassionate City Culture: A Guide to Human Flourishing

Last Chance to Register for Fostering Compassionate City Culture: A Guide to Human Flourishing
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Toxic culture is eroding our sense of belonging, community and well-being. Our capacity to collaborate and innovate together is also being undermined by the rising incivility and divisiveness. We need each other to address the complex challenges facing our cities and communities -- from the infrastructure deficit to climate change, homelessness, mental health and addiction issues. In order to thrive, our local democracies depend on our ability to revive the art of living and working well together.

-- Diane Kalen-Sukra --

Your facilitator for the course, "Fostering Compassionate City Culture: A Guide to Human Flourishing" is Diane Kalen-Sukra, an accomplished speaker, advisor, educator and author of the book "Save Your City: How toxic culture kills community & what to do about it". Her core belief is that as social beings, we flourish in healthy sustainable communities where good governance, servant leadership and compassionate culture support the well-being of all.

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Last Chance!

Fostering Compassionate City Culture

A Guide to Human Flourishing

To thrive, our communities depend on our ability to revive the art of living and working well together. In this thought-provoking and inspiring course, you‚Äôll be taken on a journey from ‚ÄúBullyville‚ÄĚ, a broken, toxic and divided community to ‚ÄúSustainaville‚ÄĚ, a safe, inclusive, thriving and resilient community.

The successful journey includes a renewal of pro-social human values and practices rooted in compassion, secular ethics, civic education and systemic culture transformation. 

Compassionate cities are made up of compassionate people. This course orients you and then provides you with practical tools to be the change.

Starts April 25 Cost: $45 US

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Healing the Divide

MeToo to WeTogether

‚ÄúI‚Äôve been looking for this all my life. I‚Äôve known for so long that I wanted a place where men and women can come together and get real with each other.‚ÄĚ

Can you imagine being part of a group who actually share their truth together - across the genders? A group of people who begin to re-invent our human future together‚ÄĒreplacing our legacy of¬† gender dysfunction with a new civilization of beloved community?

This carefully facilitated online 7-week course creates a safe forum where we can awaken a deeper empathy and understanding and begin to discover practical pathways towards healing and transforming our relationships.

Join us for this interactive and experiential online course and embark upon a new form of spiritual healing and reconciliation work that builds trust and compassionate communication through a skillful combination of interactive activities, spiritual practice, and transformative group process. In partnership with Gender Equity and Reconciliation International (GERI)

About GERI: Gender Equity and Reconciliation International provides spaces all over the world, in which transformational alchemy takes place. The ravages of gender oppression have afflicted every human civilization across the globe, in every culture, race, and continent, since time immemorial. But this does not have to continue. We can change it, and we ARE changing it, and replacing it with beloved community. 

Starts April 23 Cost: $250 Special Charter Offering: $125 US

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Last Chance!



Thomas Hubl2 kbFor those of you who receive and read our newsletters, you know that we have a tremendous opportunity coming up with the offering of a 10-module course looking at collective trauma with Thomas H√ľbl,¬†starting on May 24.¬†

The free module will look at "Why Trauma Informed Leadership?" - Exploring the nature of individual, ancestral and collective trauma, and Demystifying "normal" aspects of our work and life that are actually trauma symptoms. It will include an overview of the full course and course objectives so that you can better decide if this course is right for you. Join us for this exciting opportunity!

This no-cost opportunity is being offered online on Tue 26 April - 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. PDT

Register and Learn more about the free module and the full course here.



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