Last Chance! Thomas Hüble Course

Last Chance! Thomas Hüble Course

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Trauma Informed Leadership with Thomas Hübl

and the Pocket Project Team

When experience meets us in our open, vulnerable and responsive aspects, it becomes water, fluid life.

I can respond to my life circumstances as a leader.

But if snowflakes fall onto ice and my life experiences meet me in my trauma, I can’t respond to the life circumstance, and then we call it a problem, a difficulty, a challenge…

How can we, as leaders, become focal points for relationality, coherence and safety in our spheres of influence? How can we help to build healing architectures, even when there is war? Given what we are currently seeing in terms of a rapid cumulative display of crises, it is acutely important for humanity to wake up to the hidden variable in our societal matrix: individual, ancestral and collective trauma. It is an integral part of our citizen responsibility to take care of the aftermath of transgressions of the past and turn these wounds into shared learning and ethical restorationOur collective wounds need a collective body to heal.
The Pocket Project, in partnership with the Charter for Compassion, delivers this Trauma-Informed Leadership Course II to fuel trauma-informed practice and help to integrate traumatic content through relational and systems sensing. As leaders, we will acquire or deepen our skills of trauma-informed presence, self- and co-regulation, titration, coherence-building and Global Social Witnessing to meet the challenges of our times with response-ability and creativity. Each of us can create relational health and healing architectures in our spheres of influence.

As trauma-informed leaders, we develop our skills for systemic healing, becoming more able to integrate the past, fulfil our potential and create new opportunities and possibilities with our teams. 

Learn More about the content of each of the ten 2 hour modules and begin Registration using this link or link on the Charter's website.


Cost for course: including 10 instruction modules, additional integration sessions and affinity group sessions. 350€ (approximately $368 in US dollars, $481 in Canadian)


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