Last Chance! Our Sense-Able Nature: Mindfully Reconnecting with the Natural World

Last Chance! Our Sense-Able Nature: Mindfully Reconnecting with the Natural World
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Kate Trnka kbOur Sense-Able Nature: Mindfully Reconnecting with the Natural World

Starting June 6, 2022

Meet the facilitator for our upcoming course ...
...the Charter for Compassion's own Kate Trnka!

"I'm honored to serve as the Co-Lead for Charter for Compassion's Environment Sector and am working to expand the Charter’s Compassion Tree Project (CTP).

When I'm not working on things for the Charter, I enjoy facilitating workshops around my publication, Our Sense-Able Nature: Mindful Re-Connecting with Nature Activity Cards. I'm so pleased to be doing this work with others! My first book, If These Trees Could Talk, Park 1: Messages from the Trees of Sunset Park is in its second printing. I'm in the middle of putting the pieces of the second book in the series together, If These Trees Could Talk, Park 2: Messages from the Trees of High Cliff State Park.

Here are a couple of testimonials from last year:

"This class has given me the new insight, wisdom and courage to be able to step away from that circle to return to a more nature connected, simpler life and seek out other humans who also see the majesty, awe-some beauty and healing benefits that being in nature lovingly provides us."

"Thank you Kate, for your work, wisdom, insight, pictures and stories that I looked forward to every day. I am excited to use your cards and have enjoyed learning about the 54 senses. You are a beautiful gift to this world and I am truly grateful to have been in this class with you and all of these other nature loving, beautiful souls."

This course has been re-designed so that those who participated in last year’s course will find new activities, yet it will provide all the essential building blocks for those who are experiencing the course for the first time.


Kate flower kbLast Chance!

Our Sense-Able Nature:

Mindfully Reconnecting with the Natural World

By spending moments mindfully connected to the natural world we can find everything we need to re-establish a sense of well-being. Perhaps the most important aspect of well-being we can receive from nature is a sense of support and a sense of belonging, especially as we find ourselves more and more isolated during this pandemic. In the course you will be guided through the process of getting back in touch with the child-like wonder that’s available to each of us as you interact with the rest of nature. Through this connection, we can experience the wonder of the world by taking precious moments to connect with her. Participating in this way will remind you how simple it is to bring ourselves back into balance and experience our own well-being once again.

The easy activities that are included in this course are likely to change how you engage with the natural world and deepen your relationship with her. The course will include activities related to themes in nature, as well as focusing on groups of senses, exploring in depth.

Don't miss this important course.

Starts June 22, 2022 Cost: $30 US or $65 with optional Activity Cards, see below.

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KT Card kbBonus offer for Kate's course! Optional set of Activity Cards!

Purchasing the Our Sense-Able Nature (OSN) Activity Cards is not a requirement for the course.

However, as a course participant, you will be able to purchase the full 78-card deck (which comes complete with The Guide in a burlap pouch) for the reduced price of $65 US which includes the cost of this course, shipping and handling.

Please inquire as to shipping costs to an address outside the US by contacting me via email:




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