Grassroots Wisdom, Linking, and Chatting

Grassroots Wisdom, Linking, and Chatting

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Grassroots Wisdom, Linking, and Chatting by Marilyn Turkovich


We are excited to share two incredible new projects at the Charter for Compassion: The Co-Creators Map and Grassroots Wisdom and Action book.

They are entirely in and of the hands of our members, partners, and community initiatives. Their success will come about because all of us are interested in sharing our stories, good works and we are open to helping one another. I know this is true because you are here.

We've already started group meetings to dialogue on how to continue participating in both projects. Once you get involved, I believe you'll see how they connect. For the Grassroots Wisdom Book, we are looking for projects that can be replicated. What wonderful project is happening in your town that can be redesigned to be offered in another community? For example, look at Sweet Potato Comfort Pie which is... Read more.



“If a transvestite doesn’t say I’m gay and I’m proud and I’m a transvestite, then nobody else is going to hop up there and say I’m gay and I’m proud and I’m a transvestite for them.”

– Marsha P. Johnson

Happy Pride month, Charter Family! What do you think of flags? What about the Pride flag?
Read about an emotional experience with the rainbow here. 


Charter Education Institute (CEI) Courses

GERIThe Gift of Forgiveness with Deborah Briggs. 
Course begins July 28, 2022. Cost $30.
Learn more and register here.

As part of the Sage-ing® or Conscious Aging movement, we can discover, access and utilize our wisdom through giving ourselves THE GIFT OF FORGIVENESS.

During this workshop we will explore the impact of our beliefs about forgiveness, begin the healing process and recognize the powerful ways that the things we saw as negative can be transformed into the foundation for living more fully. 


Global Read


You Can Choose Your Own Life by Barbara Kerr & Barry Sommer
July 13, 2022 at 4 pm PDT / 9 am AEST (July 14) Check other timezones here
Learn more and register here. (You may register to get recording after event)

How can we help our kids make good decisions to resolve the issues they face?

You Can Choose Your Own Life
: Stories for Decision Making, introduces students to a model for sound, emotionally intelligent decision-making. Five realistic scenarios engage young readers in making decisions and immediately learning the consequences of whatever choices they have made.

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Put yourself on the map and start co-creating with Like-Hearted, Like-Minded people around you!
Learn More Here!

Charter for Compassion News, Programs, and Webinars 

Dear Charter family! We are looking for people looking to provide their skills and time to volunteer for the Arts AND Environment Sectors of the Charter for Compassion. We have a couple of projects that need special attention and would love to have you be part of our wonderful Team of Volunteers. Click here to fill out our volunteer application form.

Community Chat:
June 30 at 7am & 3pm PDT / 3pm & 11pm CET / 7.30pm & 3.30am IST Check other timezones here

The Charter for Compassion team is working to find ways to address the many concerns we have as a global community. We need to hear from you as to what is happening in your communities. We also have some new tools to share with you. We are thrilled to invite you, to a conversation, being held at two different times to accommodate our global community: 

Register for 7 am PDT zoom meeting here

Register for 3 pm PDT zoom meeting here



EdNet Forum Series: Awakened Schools: Spirituality in Education with Lisa Miller, PhD. Author of The Awakened Brain. 
Thursday, July 7th, 7.30-9.00 am PDT. Check other timezones here

The Awakened Schools Institute is a spiritually activating year-long course that combines groundbreaking scientific research and inclusive educational frameworks into useful tools for educators. Frameworks include culturally and linguistically sustaining pedagogy, healing-centered learning, literacies across content areas, social emotional learning, social justice education, and trauma-informed teaching.


Film Series: Wisdom Weavers of the World
View at your convenience from Thursday July 21st through Saturday July 23rd. Learn more here

Thirteen Indigenous Elders from around the world come together to co-create a message for humankind that weaves the wisdom of diverse cultures and life-ways. They uncover one common thread: for humanity to survive, we must shift our consciousness from the mind to the heart.




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The Charter for Compassion (CfC) is expanding its approach to fundraising in a collaborative effort which supports and showcases artists' work globally. Read more here. 

From Charter for Compassion Partners

Conversation Collective Every Monday, 3 pm PDT and Thursday, 9 am PDT. 
Learn more and Register here.
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The Conversation Collective is an online space to meet new people from around the world. Currently, people from Canada, France, South Africa, UK and USA are part of these weekly gatherings where civil conversations create new connections (in English). On Mondays and Thursdays. Consider joining the Conversation Collective to feel part of a global community and make new connections. The Charter partners with Citizen Discourse.

For questions contact: 

The Community of Mindful Parenting aspires to empower families to become more mindful and compassionate. They are a multigenerational, multicultural and fully inclusive community that strives to nurture powerful relationships between parents/caregivers and their children. Their Listening Mothers and Finding Calm classes explore the relationship between caregiver and child through a lens of self compassion. Their weekly Communi-Teas are a centering tool for meditation. Learn more here.

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‘Nurturing Hope’ is an extensive five-book learning resource, written by Derick Wilson, Duncan Morrow, J. Jean Horstman and Dong Jin Kim, being published by the Corrymeela Press. It will be available in late Spring 2022 as an Open Source Resource. 

The ‘Learning Journey’ is for those seeking to create spaces through which people who are divided can “experience the intimacy of our honest differences”.

The ‘Nurturing Hope’ resource grows out of the experience of people in Northern Ireland, and the wider world, who chose to hope in times of darkness. Such people chose to find a way forward together
that included standing with those who had been scapegoated. It draws on decades of Corrymeela members’ experience and was developed with learning partners in South Korea and the USA.

You are now invited to join them on this journey. To find out more and register, please contact Ruth Logan at

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The Charter for Compassion has a bold, audacious vision of co-creating a world that works for everyone. Please support the Charter with a monthly contribution that helps to build this global compassionate community - person by person, school by school, and city by city. Thank you!

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