Last Chance to Register for The Gift of Forgiveness

Last Chance to Register for The Gift of Forgiveness
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If you are tired of harboring anger, bitterness, regret, resentment and sadness, explore how forgiveness is a gift we can give ourselves

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Last Chance!

Join Deborah Briggs for:
The Gift of Forgiveness

During this workshop we will explore the impact of our beliefs about forgiveness, begin the healing process and recognize the powerful ways that the things we saw as negative can be transformed into the foundation for living more fully. 

Participants will have the opportunity to address and heal the blocks in their life caused by hurts, betrayals, disappointments, losses. We will learn how to develop greater compassion for ourselves and others so that we can free ourselves from painful burdens we have carried. We will begin to experience the powerful ways that Forgiveness can satisfy our instinct for compassion and spiritual fulfillment.

Materials used in this course are not specific to any religious denomination, but serve to enhance spiritual maturity for persons who embrace any humanistic practice or faith.

Starts July 18 Cost: $30

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