Last Chance to Register for Compassionate Spiritual Ecology

Last Chance to Register for Compassionate Spiritual Ecology
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Ecology and spirituality are fundamentally connected, because deep ecological awareness, ultimately, is spiritual awareness.— Fritjof Capra

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Compassionate Spiritual Ecology

Sunsets, swallows, swimming beings, slugs: tangible touchstones to a spiritual relationship with all beings. This is what Compassionate Spiritual Ecology is all about. -- Jennifer Wilhoit

Ecology and spirituality are interrelated in various ways and degrees: spiritual ecology is a vast, complex, diverse, and dynamic arena of intellectual and practical activities at the interfaces of religions and spiritualities with ecologies, environments, and environmentalisms. Spiritual ecology may help contribute to the reduction or resolution of many eco-crises.

This course offers students an overview of the body of work comprising the discipline of spiritual ecology. The field is interdisciplinary, encompassing thinkers and practitioners from conservation, ecology, and religion; students will be introduced to these founders and become familiar with their work. Students will also learn about the variety of writers, thinkers, and practitioners beyond the formal discipline and how their work contributes to a broader understanding of Spiritual Ecology.

Creative and nature-based activities, action plans, opportunities for reflection, Q&A, live Zoom gatherings, and a host of other methodologies will be used to engage students in the material. The course will explore how passionate care for the Earth is not separable from loving care for other humans. How to translate spiritual ecological practices into human compassion practices will be embedded throughout this course.

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