Global Gala Humanitarian Awardees Announced

Global Gala Humanitarian Awardees Announced


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"Global Gala Humanitarian Awardees Announced"
by Marilyn Turkovich


Last year during our Gala 2021 we featured a song by Holly Near. The words are apropos for announcing the recipients of our 2022 Charter for Compassion Humanitarian Awards:

I am open and I am willing.
For to be hopeless would seem so strange.
It dishonors those who go before us.
So, lift me up to the light of change.

There is a hurting in my family
And there is sorrow in my town
There is a panic all across the nation
And there is wailing the whole world round.

Give me a mighty oak to hold my confusion
And give me a desert to hold my fears
Give me a sunset to hold my wonder
And give me an ocean to hold my tears.

The 2022 Humanitarian Award recipients have all risen "to the light of change." They have seen suffering, injustice and despair and made it their mantra to bring about change with a sense of honor and hope. Their vision has been and continues to be turning compassion into action. Continue reading to learn who are our 4 Humanitarian Award recipients are, here.


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Charter Education Institute

Holding space online course by charter for compassion

Pathway to Awareness: Introducing 25 Contemplative Practices" with Rakhee Sharma
6-week online course begins October 17, 2022

Life is a mixed bag of challenge, dissatisfaction, loss, joy, and contentment. Contrary to this reality, we have a strong desire to experience that which is comforting, convenient and pleasurable. So we suffer because of the gap between our desires and the reality of daily living. How can we cope with this?

Global Read

forgiveness is.very strange book cover

The Heartfulness Way by Kamiesh D. Patel & Joshua Pollock
October 12, 2022 at 8 am PDT / 8.30 pm IST Check other timezones here
Learn more and register here. (You may register to get recording after event)

Building on ageless oral tradition, Kamlesh D. Patel – widely known as Daaji, the fourth guru in the Heartfulness tradition – traces a seeker’s journey as he examines the nature of spiritual search. Through a series of illuminating conversations between a teacher and a student, Daaji reveals the principles of the Heartfulness practice and philosophy to Joshua Pollock, a Heartfulness practitioner and trainer.

If you knew there was a practical way to transcend suffering and fly into the sky of hope and contentment, would you be interested?

That is exactly what Heartfulness offers – transforming us from the inside out so that we see the world in a new way, without the filters of our limitations.

forgiveness is.very strange book cover

World Game
Monday October 17, for 2 hours and October 24, for 2.5 hours
8.30 am PDT  Check other timezones here
Learn more and register here. (You may register to get recording after event)

Want to Play a Game?

Have you ever wondered if there was a game that could simulate the world and our challenges that would help us learn how to tackle those issues in a more creative way? Well, now is your chance to learn a new game to do just that. In October, the International Futures Forum is offering two trainings in their World Simulation Game - for free. See details below.

The Game is called: World Game Simulation. Training in the Game is free if you commit to being part of both trainings.


Catch up on all things Global Gala 2022: "Architects of Justice"

Read everything our Executive Director, Marilyn Turkovich, has been saying about this year's Global Gala:

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! ~Maya Angelou

Art as Inspiration Gives Rise to Compassion!

Each Art Piece is a Rendering of Compassion

Gala Trivia: Can you guess the Architects of Justice for our Global Gala 2022?

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From Charter for Compassion Partners

We have become partners of the Healing-Centered Education Summit, we are honored to invite you to join us Oct 7-10 to explore this year’s Summit theme: Play, Slow Work & Our Collective Flourishing. 


Join presenters such as Dr. Angel Acosta, Bayo Akomolafe, Fania Davis, Shawn Ginwright, Thomas Hubl and more in activating a generative social field to inspire new approaches to education for K-12, adult healing, and professional education. Join us in this powerful, emerging movement and wave of education that is centered in healing.

Click/Tap here to learn more and register for this event on this powerful, emerging movement and wave of education that is centered in healing.



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The Community of Mindful Parenting aspires to empower families to become more mindful and compassionate. They are a multigenerational, multicultural and fully inclusive community that strives to nurture powerful relationships between parents/caregivers and their children. Their Listening Mothers and Finding Calm classes explore the relationship between caregiver and child through a lens of self compassion. Their weekly Communi-Teas are a centering tool for meditation. Learn more here.

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