Everyone Matters. Mary Robinson: A Pillar os Justice and Human Rights

Everyone Matters. Mary Robinson: A Pillar os Justice and Human Rights


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"Everyone Matters.
Mary Robinson: A Pillar of Justice and Human Rights"
by Marilyn Turkovich


I first learned of Mary Robinson when I was involved in a project on Women World Leaders. I was to write a curriculum to accompany the documentary film by Laura Liswood, consisting of a compilation of interviews with women who were leaders in political office around the world.

The mid 1990s saw a significant number of women in high government positions, Margaret Thatcher in the UK, Cory Aquino in the Philippines, Gro Harlem Brundtland in Norway, Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan among others. Each of these women heads of state had a sizeable impact on the status of women in their own countries and paved the way for women political leaders to come. There is much to think about the situation of women leaders in politics today, but that would get us into a much different conversation. However, I remember Laura Liswood asking Mary Robinson about women being disenfranchised from the center of politics and her response. It has stayed with me for all these years and it struck me at the time like a bolt of lightning. She spoke about how we needed women in government, even if they weren't as prepared as they might like to be. After all, she implied, essentially men don't necessarily know what they are doing, and we have put up with them for a long time. Consider the gravity of those words. Continue reading here.


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Pathway to Awareness: "Introducing 25 Contemplative Practices" with Rakhee Sharma
6-week online course begins October 17, 2022

Life is a mixed bag of challenge, dissatisfaction, loss, joy, and contentment. Contrary to this reality, we have a strong desire to experience that which is comforting, convenient and pleasurable. So we suffer because of the gap between our desires and the reality of daily living. How can we cope with this?

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The Heartfulness Way by Kamlesh D. Patel & Joshua Pollock
October 12, 2022 at 8 am PDT / 8.30 pm IST Check other timezones here
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Building on ageless oral tradition, Kamlesh D. Patel – widely known as Daaji, the fourth guru in the Heartfulness tradition – traces a seeker’s journey as he examines the nature of spiritual search. Through a series of illuminating conversations between a teacher and a student, Daaji reveals the principles of the Heartfulness practice and philosophy to Joshua Pollock, a Heartfulness practitioner and trainer.

If you knew there was a practical way to transcend suffering and fly into the sky of hope and contentment, would you be interested?

That is exactly what Heartfulness offers – transforming us from the inside out so that we see the world in a new way, without the filters of our limitations.

Film Series

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Re:member: Where Grief and Beautiy Exists
Available for viewing Friday Oct 21 through Sunday 23

RE:MEMBER is a film with a mission: to bring back healthy ways of honoring and walking through grief in our modern culture. Death and dying, grief and grieving are natural cycles and expressions within the greater wheel of life, yet our culture looks the other way. The purpose of this film is to open up the conversation around death and grief -- to RE:MEMBER grief, not only as a burden, but as a sacred journey full of inherent gifts. Help support bringing this important film into the world.



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These chats are for anyone who's part of a Compassionate City, Organization or signed the Charter from the specific region the chats are dedicated to. Check out our upcoming chats, and sign up! Check timezones here.

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World Game
Monday October 17, for 2 hours and October 24, for 2.5 hours
8.30 am PDT  Check other timezones here
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Want to Play a Game?

Have you ever wondered if there was a game that could simulate the world and our challenges that would help us learn how to tackle those issues in a more creative way? Well, now is your chance to learn a new game to do just that. In October, the International Futures Forum is offering two trainings in their World Simulation Game - for free. See details below.

The Game is called: World Game Simulation. Training in the Game is free if you commit to being part of both trainings.

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Sept 3 - How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes! ~Maya Angelou

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From Charter for Compassion Partners

Please join us online along with a global community for this year’s 13th Annual, FREE,
Global Oneness Summit 2022: Birthing a New World.


The Summit kicks off with Opening Ceremonies and the “International Shout Out Love Day” on Sat. October 15th. There will be 60 exciting and uplifting events over the course of the Free 10-Day Summit, including special musical guests, compelling short films, a Women’s Wednesday packed with transformational female leaders, wisdom panels, educational programs, group meditations, and mindfulness practices. The experience continues through Monday, October 24th, with multiple online events each of the 10 days. Click/Tap here to learn more and register for this FREE event.



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The Community of Mindful Parenting aspires to empower families to become more mindful and compassionate. They are a multigenerational, multicultural and fully inclusive community that strives to nurture powerful relationships between parents/caregivers and their children. Their Listening Mothers and Finding Calm classes explore the relationship between caregiver and child through a lens of self compassion. Their weekly Communi-Teas are a centering tool for meditation. Learn more here.

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