Last Chance to Register for How to Become an Activist for Our World!

Last Chance to Register for How to Become an Activist for Our World!
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¬†We rise before dawn each morning to look for sea turtle nests, move them to a protected enclosure, and then guard them all night‚Ķuntil the hatchlings make their first journeys into the sea and their lives. Our goal‚ÄĒprotect the nests and increase the endangered sea turtle population‚Ķ.and we are succeeding!

... I turned to online workshops of the Work That Reconnects and changed from an arm-chair environmentalist to an active field volunteer…as the saying goes, to become part of the solution.

Thanks to this amazing work I was able to express my heartbreak into action on behalf of sea turtles and other beautiful creatures and plants, research on the impact of the climate crisis, and begin a beach cleanup and advocacy group in our new neighborhood that also involved cleaning up tar that had washed up on our shores, with thousands of other volunteers. I met ‚Äúmy people‚ÄĚ, others who cared deeply, and we learned to work together.

Click "Read more and Register" below to join Ellen in this exploration and journey into activating our hope and passion and becoming an active participant in healing our world!

~Ellen Serfaty, your course facilitator



Last Chance!

How to become an Activist for our World - And How to Maintain It!

An exploration of the "Work That Reconnects" and other sources for activating our hope and passion

How do we live in our damaged world, without closing our eyes, or losing hope? How do we not only express our suffering to each other, but also our gratitude for the beauties of nature and our world? How can we open our eyes and heart, connect with others, human and non-human and see our world anew? And how can we move forward, and be active in protecting our planet, our home?

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A 6-week course starting January 16, 2023 Cost: $40 with all proceeds donated to Reparation projects and the Charter

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