Please Call Me By My True Names

Please Call Me By My True Names


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"Please Call Me By My True Names"
by Marilyn Turkovich




The last Saturday of every month the Charter holds a Sangha (circle) with Orla O'Sullivan, education coordinator at Plum Village, the retreat center founded by the late master Thich Nhat Hanh. Spending ninety minutes in Sangha, which you are most welcome to join, is sacred. We often laugh, sit in silence and comfort, and sometimes find ourselves responding to a motivating poem and, in the case of a poem, reflect on how we interpret its meaning. A few sessions back, Orla introduced us to the master's poem, "Please Call Me By My True Names." I remember hearing this poem years ago and how deeply it touched me as it did when Orla read it to us. 

Thinking about it, I'm certain that each person who hears it will likely associate its meaning with their own life experience. I'm reminded of a student who had become a colleague. One day the phone rang in our office, and the caller asked for someone whose name I didn't know, and said so out loud. A co-worker called hesitantly across the room," that's me." We had called her for years by an incorrect name. There was obviously a story there, her story to offer and ours to receive. Thich Nhat Hanh's poem belongs to each of us allowing ourselves to walk in the world in our own reality. Continue reading here



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Social, Emotional, and Ethical (SEE) Learning is an innovative K-12 education program developed by Emory University.

SEE Learning‚ĄĘ provides educators with the tools they need to foster the development of emotional, social, and ethical intelligence for students and themselves.

This introductory program is free and will be followed by a Train-the-trainer program starting in November 2023 and continuing through May 2024.  Participating in this program will lead to a certificate. Session Three: Getting Started with SEE Learning is happening on MARCH 15. Learn more and register for any of the 5 sessions here.

Charter for Compassion News, Programs, and Webinars

 Charter Education Institute 

Holding space online course by charter for compassion

Introduction to Compassionate Listening: Bringing the Light of Compassion to a Conflicted World with Kathleen Coyne, PhD
This 6-week Course begins March 13, 2023

Now, more than ever, our world desperately needs compassion. And we especially need it in our families and communities.  You are invited to join us for a highly interactive, experiential, and inspiring introductory workshop on Compassionate Listening.

Compassionate Listening offers an opportunity to practice radical compassion in our day-to-day lives. Based on the work of the Compassionate Listening Project, compassionate listening is a practice that invites us to listen with an ‚Äėear of the heart‚Äô to those around us, particularly those we may not agree with. In our highly divided world, the possibilities for conflict are ubiquitous and the damage is often personally painful and seemingly irreparable. In many cases, people who are most vulnerable are those who are most impacted.

Global Read

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Politics of Being: WISDOM and SCIENCE for a New Development Paradigm by Thomas LeGrand, PhD
Wednesday, March 8 at 9 am PST / 6.00 pm CET Check other timezones here
Learn more and register here. (You may register to get recording after event) 
Mobilizing a wealth of scientific research from many different fields, the core teachings of wisdom traditions, and his own personal experience, Legrand articulates how politics can support human flourishing and the collective shift of consciousness that our current challenges demand.

An awakening journey into our human and social potential, Politics of Being charts the way for human development in the 21st century, one to reconcile our minds, hearts, and the whole Earth community.

A unique, field-defining work on what may be the most important subject of our times… and history!

Community Chats

Community chats are an important tool we use to communicate with Compassionate Cities and Communities, Partners, and anyone else who has signed the Charter and is interested in talking with us based on their region. If you live in the following areas and want to chat with us, sign up!

forgiveness is.very strange book coverBounce Forward
Thursday, March 16 at 7:30 am PST / 4:30 pm CET Check other timezones here. Learn more and register here. (You may register to get a recording after the event) 

Founded in 2009, Bounce Forward was incubated in its early years within Hertfordshire County Council and became an independent charity in 2016.

In 2019 we transformed our approach, working intensively with educators, psychologists, academics, and young people to deliver practical, relevant, and flexible solutions.

 On the Blog

forgiveness is.very strange book cover40K for 40 Days: Day 40 - Last Day! Click/Tap here to read the last entry

Our "40K for 40 Days" blog series during our Martin Luther King 40 days of Peace Campaign on the Charter's blog and through social media has ended!

Shane O'Connor, our newest staff member, decided to bike 40 km a day during these 40 days. While on his daily ride, he'll be directing his thoughts toward Martin Luther King...Continue reading Day 1 here.


forgiveness is.very strange book coverDonate to help Uvalde, Texas, USA

Our Compassionate Cities in the state of Texas are issuing a call for donations to support the Uvalde Love Project. All donations go to the project. They are trying to reach and surpass a goal of $5,000.00.  Please help them reach that goal!  Learn more and donate here


From our Partners
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The¬†Community of Mindful Parenting¬†aspires to empower families to become more mindful and compassionate. They are a multigenerational, multicultural, and fully inclusive community that strives to nurture powerful relationships between parents/caregivers and their children. Their¬†Listening Mothers‚ĄĘ¬†and¬†Finding Calm¬†classes explore the relationship between caregiver and child through a lens of self-compassion. Their weekly Communi-Teas are a centering tool for meditation. Learn more here.

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Cultivating Compassion - Virtual Session 3
March 23, 4 pm PST / 10 am (March 24) AEDT
Learn more and register here

You're invited to spend 2023 growing compassion for yourself, your friends, and even those you might describe today as enemies. We'll interrogate our emotions, reasoning, decision-making, and more as we work to join the infinite game of building peace. 


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Upcoming Special Guests:

Thursday, March 9 - ZaHaVa Sheréz




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