Last Chance to Register for An Introduction to Compassionate Listening

Last Chance to Register for An Introduction to Compassionate Listening
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A lighted candle of compassion can easily illuminate the world more than the blinding light of anger, intolerance and violence combined.              


Now, more than ever, our world desperately needs compassion. And we especially need it in our families and communities.  You are invited to join us for a highly interactive, experiential and inspiring introductory workshop on Compassionate Listening.

.In this experiential course, you will gain powerful tools to help transform conflict into opportunities for understanding, intimacy, healthy relationships, productive teamwork, and positive action. You will begin to imagine the role of compassionate listening in reducing trauma and promoting social justice. In doing so, you will be supported to recognize and honor our profound interconnectedness to each other, our common humanity and the planet we share. In sum, by practicing compassionate listening, you will cultivate the wisdom of the heart as the key to real peace "from the inside out."

Click "Read more and Register" below to join Kathleen in this exploration and journey into building your compassion skills by becoming a more effective listener.

~Kathleen Coyne, your course facilitator

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Last Chance!

Introduction to Compassionate Listening: Bringing the Light of Compassion to a Conflicted World

This online course is highly experiential and requires your full presence, participation, and commitment to showing up without distraction. The sessions are not recorded, to allow privacy and confidentiality for the discussions.  Much of each session is spent in small break outs. Your presence at each and every session is essential and valued.  We ask that you please attend each session, since being together consistently enables us to build trust in one another, and each session builds on the previous one.

Don't miss this important course.

This is a zoom workshop, 6 weeks starting March 13 when first course materials become available. Cost: $60

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