Restoring Our Ancient Bond with the Natural World

Restoring Our Ancient Bond with the Natural World


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"Restoring Our Ancient Bond with the Natural World"
by Marilyn Turkovich




[Religion is hard work.] Its rituals are designed to effect a profound change within us. A religious ritual should be a transformative event—it can never be a matter of simply going through the motions, however, piously. Holiness demands that we change our lives and, indeed, our very selves. The sacrificer spent months in an uncomfortable hut, undergoing demanding and demeaning rites before he was permitted to perform the temple sacrifice, which itself required intense concentration. The rituals challenged participants at a profound level, insisting that in some ways the rites properly observed would change their minds.

~Karen Armstrong, Sacred Nature: Restoring Our Ancient Bond with the Natural World

We are at the precipice and need to change quickly. Last week the United Nations released a report in which scientists urged world leaders to cut emissions quickly to save lives. Unlike doom and gloom reports, this one provides advice on reining in climate change. It offers advice and possibilities. In the above quote, Karen Armstrong states that religious rituals should be transformative events, a means to help recenter or even change our minds. Is now not the time for us to reexamine old rituals to bring about new ways of thinking? Science and religion need to partner with one another. Indigenous practices need to be explored and embraced to bring about new wisdom to "restore our ancient bond with the natural world." Passionate people of faith, spirituality, and ethical convictions need to work together for a more just and sustainable world that can be cradled in peace. Continue reading here.



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Social, Emotional, and Ethical (SEE) Learning is an innovative K-12 education program developed by Emory University.

SEE Learning™ provides educators with the tools they need to foster the development of emotional, social, and ethical intelligence for students and themselves.

This introductory program is free and will be followed by a Train-the-trainer program starting in November 2023 and continuing through May 2024.  Participating in this program will lead to a certificate. Session FOUR: Getting Started with SEE Learning is happening on March 15, April 13, 20, and 27. Learn more and register for any of the 5 sessions here. 

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Poetry for Inspiration and Well-Being with John Smelcer, PhD
This 5-week Course begins Monday, April 10, 2023

There’s truth to the saying, “There’s a poet in all of us.” Poetry has always had an important place in society. It still does today. Consider, for instance, Amanda Gorman, the young, African American poet who recited her poem from the United States Capitol during the Inauguration of President Joseph Biden. Shortly after that auspicious day, while the world watched, she read another poem during the Super Bowl, one of the most watched events in television history. Clearly, poetry has a place in our society. But how do you bring out the poet inside you?

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Holding space online course by charter for compassion

GoldenRuleism: Living a Golden Rule-Guided Life with Shane O'Connor
Wednesday, April 5, 2023, at 9 am PDT / 6 pm CEST / 9.30 pm IST

“Do for all others, both directly and indirectly, what you would want done for you.”
“Don’t do to any others, either directly or indirectly, what you wouldn’t want done to you.”


GoldenRuleism rises from the expanded application of the moral and ethical precept most widely embraced by the majority of humanity. Many of us know it as The Golden Rule. 

The author of the GoldenRuleism booklet prefers to remain anonymous, but they have made printed copies of the booklet available. For a donation to the Charter of $10 or more, we will send you a copy in the mail. You can also download a free digital copy here!

23 days of Compassion

This year we want the “23 Days of Compassion” to be an experiential inner journey, serving anyone up for the challenge, to become more acquainted with exploring Compassion and what that will bring up for each of us personally. As we experience these 23 days, we will delve deeper into issues that could be addressed and alleviated with Compassion.

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forgiveness is.very strange book coverDonate to help Uvalde, Texas, USA

Our Compassionate Cities in the state of Texas are issuing a call for donations to support the Uvalde Love Project. All donations go to the project. They are trying to reach and surpass a goal of $5,000.00.  Please help them reach that goal!  Learn more and donate here

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The Community of Mindful Parenting aspires to empower families to become more mindful and compassionate. They are a multigenerational, multicultural, and fully inclusive community that strives to nurture powerful relationships between parents/caregivers and their children. Their Listening Mothers and Finding Calm classes explore the relationship between caregiver and child through a lens of self-compassion. Their weekly Communi-Teas are a centering tool for meditation. Learn more here. 

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Upcoming Special Guests:

Thursday, March 30 - We are getting ready for Golden Rule Day! We'll chat about our upcoming celebration on April 5!

Thursday, April 6 - John Smelcer, Instructor of Poetry for Inspiration and Well-Being, this course begins April 10.




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