OUR PRIDE: The Charter for Compassion LGBTQIA+ Initiative


Our Mission: To cultivate compassion through LGBTQIA+ Social Action, Education and the Arts

Our Purpose: To create programs and projects elevating issues impacting the lives of LGBTQIA+ people around the world, through arts, educational and community honors programming in association with individuals and partner organizations. Through this process, we are able to enhance the global Pride movement of compassion and amplify the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community, while furthering the objectives and goals of the Charter for Compassionin local communities with global impact.

Our Goal: To continue raising awareness of the Charterfor Compassion through three main program areas: arts, education and community awards programs under the umbrella of OUR PRIDE through the OUR PRIDE website, mobile app and social media. In collaboration with our partners, we seek to address issues such as: Racism, Oppression, Colorism, Colonialism, Corrective Rape, Conversion Therapy, Criminalization, Discrimination, Equality, Mental Health & Suicide, Police Brutality, Refuge & Asylum, Religious Oppression, School Bullying, Transphobia, Violence, Women's Rights, and Youth Homelessness

Our History:

2013: "Colors of Compassion," Rainbow Prayer Flag Interactive Arts, LA Pride, Year 1

2014: "Compassion Week" Events, San Francisco

2015: "Colors of Compassion," Rainbow Prayer Flag Interactive Arts, LA Pride, Year 2

2016: OUR PRIDE VideoFest Program, Youth Video Competition, Launch Year

2017: Troy Perry Awards Program, Launch Year

2018: “Awakenings” Event, Music & Readings, Lambda LA LitFest

2022: Power of Song Program, Music, Arts & VideoFest, Launch Year


Our Programs:

OUR PRIDE Power of Song: A music-focused intergenerational program supporting the Racism & Oppression Awareness Program of InterPride, the international association of Pride organizations, and the United Nations Free & Equal LGBTQIA+ Rights Campaign.The program features a series of projects, including “Singing for our Lives,” designed to stimulate activism through music, while highlighting significant LGBTQIA+ issues around the world.

OUR PRIDE Video & Arts Fest: Started in 2016 as a youth video competition, the program is a showcase of compassion-focused videos & music submitted by YOUTH(age 18 & Under), featuring songs and short videos focusing on current issues and significant LGBTQ+ people, places and events.

Troy Perry Awards: Started in 2016, the program is named in honor of one of the founding fathers of the Pride movement, Rev. Troy D. Perry, the Troy Perry Awards recognize fearless LGBTQIA+ young people, community leaders & Pride organizations making an impact through social & spiritual activism.

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