LGBTQIA+ Leadership

John Boswell, CFC Lead for the LGBTQI CommunityJohn Boswell

John is passionate about enhancing life for LGBTQI people and connections with those outside the community. He is president of Rainbow Advocacy and spearheading programs to deepen compassionate action in Los Angeles and around the world. John started out in public radio and broadcast television, producing media programs for a wide range of businesses and socially-oriented organizations. He has worked actively in international non-profit efforts and is developing compassion-building programs with CFC for the global LGBTQI community.


Felipe ZuritaFelipe Zurita Quintana, Social Media Marketing Manager
Felipe has been bringing awareness to the golden rule and empathy with his energetic Millennial, Latinx, Immigrant, Queer voice and experiences to the compassionate movement for 4 years, joining the Charter for Compassion in 2021 to amplify its reach via social media and projects with his social marketing and project coordination skills.
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