Limen Place

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Limen Place invites people to live boldly in this messy, divided world, while standing up for what they believe in, while maintaining their well-being and inner peace. We achieve this by strengthening our spiritual core. When our physical core is weak, our bodies lack stability and balance. Similarly, with a weak spiritual core our souls lack peace and harmony. And just like with our body, the way to strengthen our spirit is with regular exercise. Discipline. Practice. We need to journey inward, into the depths of our being, before we can journey outward into the weeds of society. Then we can safely stretch out our hands without losing our balance.

Limen is a place for people who dance at the margins. It’s for seekers who are yearning for a new way to experience the sacred, and latent artists who yearn to explore their creativity and connect to others in community. Above all, it’s a place for people who want to learn to live with vulnerable, humble, joyful, open hearts. The thing is, every path is different, and only you can discover your own path. What we can do is walk that path together. We can give you tools for the road. Maybe not a map, but we have some good tips for staying hydrated. The best oil for your lamp. That kind of stuff.

And when darkness falls (because it will), when your light dims (it happens to us all), as long as you have a companion to shine their light for you, then you will always stay on the path. Or we’ll all get lost together. But isn’t that half the fun? After all, the adventure can’t begin until you cross the threshold.

Location: Louisville, KY, USA

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