40 Days of Peace 2023: Feast of the Soul

Martin Luther King

Date: January 15 - February 24, 2023

The backbone of the Charter's 40-Days of Peace commemoration will be the Feast of the Soul, a worldwide spiritual practice intensive, one that aims to co-create more love and peace within. A Charter for Compassion partner, the Feast for the Soul promotes self-discovery, mindfulness, meditation, and creative practices. You can think of it as a virtual retreat whereby you commit to 40 days of spiritual practice. Whether you meditate, dance, paint, practice yoga, or observe another spiritual practice, this 40-day intensive will help you to kick off a new way of living year-round. The Feast for the Soul provides resources, support, and teachings that you can access free of charge. There is a master meditation index that provides you with inspiration and guidance for your daily practice.


You can sign up to observe all or some of the Feast for the Soul.

40 Days of Peace



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