40 Days of Peace 2023: How How to Become an Activist for our World

How to become An activistDate: January 16, 2023 @ 8:00am PST


How do we live in our damaged world, without closing our eyes, or losing hope?

How do we not only express our suffering to each other, but also our gratitude for the beauties of nature and our world?

How can we open our eyes and heart, connect with others, human and non-human and see our world anew?

How can we move forward, and be active in protecting our planet, our home?

And once we find our “niche”, how to we maintain it? Where do we find support for continuing our work for our world.

My name is Ellen Serfaty, and I am a facilitator for the Work That Reconnects, as well as volunteer educational advisor with the Charter Education Institute.

This is our second year of offering this course, and we welcome new participants to learn about the Work That Reconnects and other amazing resources and organizations that support our activism.  We look forward to new participants joining our community of previous participants to build an even stronger support network.




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