Why Martin?


Date: Saturday, February 19th & 26th, at 9am PST

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"Why Martin?" is a two-part interactive series where attendees will get the opportunity to learn why MLK Jr. stood apart and how he set the standard for compassionate leadership. With each conversation we will pull practices from his life that teach us how to create long-lasting change, the importance of our own personal beliefs, and how to live a life with meaning and integrity.

Matthew Hayes is a speaker, educator and personal coach. Known for his ability to reach the heart and deliver messages that are simple to grasp and easy to apply, ‘Coach Matt’ is passionate about helping people get comfortable standing in their truth.

With a background in spaceflight work for NASA and then becoming certified as a NLP coach, he merges the worlds of science and emotional intelligence; calling his work “Identity Engineering” where you learn to design yourself.

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