Mother by Marsel van Oosten

Date: Friday, April 22 at TBD, Marsel van Oosten (Netherlands/South Africa)

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MOTHER is a large-format nature photography book, showcasing Marsel van Oosten's personal favorites and his most popular and award-winning images from the past 15 years, taken on five continents: Africa, North America, Antarctica, Asia, and Europe. MOTHER is Marsel's personal visual ode to Mother Earth and a celebration of her incredible biodiversity.

Successful conservation starts with awareness, and Marsel hopes that the images in this book will reconnect people to nature, make them realize that Mother Earth desperately needs our protection, and inspire them to take action.

While MOTHER is primarily a large coffee-table-style photo book that aims to awe and inspire you, it is also a wake-up call. Marsel writes extensively about the various threats our planet is facing to show the situation is much more serious than people think. We need to do more about conservation, and we need to up our game fast before it's too late. The latest IUCN Red List confirms Marsel's alarmist views. The animals and wild places in MOTHER are what we stand to lose if we don't act now.


There are currently three editions, with more to come. The international edition is bi-lingual (English/German), there is a Dutch edition, and there is The Collectors' Edition (limited to 100 copies) which will be in English only.


The international edition of MOTHER features 320 pages with 170 large format images — Marsel's personal favorites, his most popular shots, as well as most of his many award-winners. The pandemic gave Marsel extra time to process images that have never been published before, so there's exciting new material in there as well.


The beautiful foreword for MOTHER is written by world-famous evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein from the United States. His interview on the Joe Rogan podcast got over 7 million views on YouTube within a week. Marsel has described him as "a voice of reason in times of mass hysteria".  Weinstein is also a member of 'the intellectual dark web' and an avid photographer himself.

5 Continents, 5 chapters

The book is divided into 5 chapters — one for each continent. Each chapter opens with an introduction text written by Marsel.

Valarie Kaur

Marsel van Oosten is a professional nature photographer from The Netherlands, with a background in advertising and graphic design.

Marsel is a nature lover with a deep concern for the natural world. Successful conservation starts with awareness, and he hopes that his images will make people aware that Mother Earth needs our protection and inspire them to take action. In his work, he tries to simplify, to get rid of the extraneous: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

His images have won many awards around the globe, and he is the world’s only photographer to have won the Grand Slam: the grand titles Wildlife Photographer of the Year, International Nature Photographer of the Year, and Travel Photographer of the Year.

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