Participating Communities: Mountain Grove, Missouri, USA

Greater Expectations of the Ozarks, LLC has the goal of starting a compassion community providing food, fun, fellowship, and an attitude of gratitude to others for a small price ($5 or $10 per person). Sheri Sloan, the community leader, has a vision of participants being able to walk in, pay the money, answer the question "What are you grateful for today?” posted up on a board, buy a couple of her books, eat a healthy snack or meal, and listen to some old time bluegrass country music. She hopes to start a bed and breakfast that could help those that are homeless, escaping domestic violence, struggling with addiction, or just needing a place for the night. She also plans on offering workshops in developing unconditional love and good vibrations from A Course in Miracles, My Mind-My Friend, and Drug Education, Anger Management.

The building is eco-friendly; the atmosphere is clean and friendly. Sheri is currently working to acquire funds for the project, with a current goal of being up and running in 5-6 months, with an optimistic, affirmative attitude of gratitude!


Contact Information

Sheri Sloan - Email - Twitter @iamicanibelieve3

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