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To educate the next generation of creative professionals and entrepreneurs that will shape the future of innovation in design and technology.


New Design School offers practical, hands-on educational opportunities via two methods: 1. Academic seminars and 2. Non-academic workshops we call “makeshops.”

1 - The academic seminars are rigorous, accelerated and immersion-based. They are certificate-granting seminars that build toward a career in graphic design. Seminars are focused on providing creative, technical and professional skills necessary for the career of graphic design. The certificate program consists of 21 individual seminars that include software training, design history, typography, color and culminate in a thesis that visually summarizes the desired niche of visual communication a student aims to enter. Our instructors are practicing professional designers who teach the skills they use daily in their career to foster a mentor or apprenticeship learning style.

2 - New Design School also offers non-academic community workshops called, “makeshops” where individuals or groups can receive design and technology training. City employees, small businesses, self-employed individuals, students, entrepreneurs, and local corporations have participated in hands-on training at New Design School. Makeshop participants gain professional development in the latest design software, increase their design knowledge and learn to create print and web materials such as newsletters, flyers and websites.

The school is licensed and regulated through the Arkansas State Board of Private Career Education and has successfully renewed its license annually since it was founded in 2006.

We are currently preparing for the accreditation process for the school and its academic program. Our vision is an accredited school of design offering a wide variety of academic studies that are currently not available in the state or region.

Location: Fayetteville, AR, USA

About Us

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