Niagara Alliance for Restorative Practices



The Niagara Alliance for Restorative Practices (NARP) was founded in 2018.

Our mission/vision is to provide Restorative Practices to Niagara County/WNY. 

We are members of the Compassionate Niagara community. Currently we provide Circles, to build relationships and repair harm when it occurs, for organizations, schools and community members.  We hope to impact the school to prison pipeline in our community and we have worked with the local Juvenile Justice Task Force to explore ways to assist juveniles (both in schools and in the community).  We want to allow community members to develop a common restorative vocabulary so that we can all work together and communicate to help and support others as well as more effectively communicate (for example, when harms occur). 

Location: Lockport, NY, USA

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