Recognition and Working for a Compassionate Future

Recognition and Working for a Compassionate Future

Dear  Friends,

It is hard to believe that October is behind us and so much has happened with the Charter. You'll see that by reading the information below.  Even though there seems to be what appears to be an endless stream of negative forces and events happening in the world, I am assured that there are tens of millions of people working to help one another, and all working towards performing compassionate acts for peace.  You know our tag line is: "Peace starts here."  It does start with each of us.  There is a compassion movement afoot from Australia to Mynamar, from Ethiopia to Mexico. 

I know each time we put out a newsletter we ask for your involvement in some way, and send out an alert about giving financially to the Charter. Our requests do bring us about $3000+ each time we ask, and we are most grateful for this assisstance. As I indicated before we are primarily a grassroots group that exists because of the hard work of volunteers.  We'd like for you to think of supporting the Charter by considering to offer a Charter Salon in your home.  Invite friends to join you for a few hours to talk about the Charter for Compassion, our work, and the work they can contribute to the Charter.  We have a short video, and everything you need to make your gathering work.  If you are interested, please contact Reed Price, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who is coordinatoring the Salons. 

If you are just interested in helping us extend the work we are doing in cities and communities, would you be able to consider making a monthly contribution (or a one time gift)?  If the tens of thousands of you on our mailing list would consider donating the cost of a cup once each month for the year we would have more than effort to sustain our budget and hire a compassionate community coordinator and a full time administrator.  Would you please consider it?  See what we've been able to accomplish as you read the messages below and consider how much this effort can grow with increased help.

With much appreciation for all the work you do in the name of compassion,


Marilyn Turkovich, Director
Charter for Compassion International

Awards and Honors


ahimsaThe Charter of Compassion was honored and humbled to be a partner for the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions, held in Salt Lake City from Oct. 15-19. The five-day event brought 9,806 people together, representing 30 major religions and 73 countries. The Charter’s presence was evident throughout: we shared a space with interfaith groups including the Wisdom Circle Ministries and the United Religions Initiative, the text of the Charter was a prominent part of the display of the Utah Civil and Compassionate Communities, and our banner was featured in the Compassion Games’ booth. Karen Armstrong was a plenary speaker, Mayor Ralph Becker (Salt Lake City, UT), Joan Brown Campbell, William Berkowitz, Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson (Gary, IN), Mayor Greg Fisher (Louisville, KY), Mayor David Formosa (Powell River, BC, Canada), Sande Hart, Louisa Hext, Dr. Daniel Martin, Susan Partnow, Jon Ramer, Bob Thompson, Marilyn Turkovich, Lesa Walker, Tom Williams were all presenters at individual sessions. (We have links to many of the streams on the Charter website.) Karen Armstrong also offered a book signing, private reception and special talk at Wasatch Presbyterian Church in support of the Charter’s work. At a special reception for participating mayors, Joan Brown Campbell presented Louisville with its fourth-straight award as a Model Compassionate City, and at the Parliament named the Charter as the recipient of the Ahimsa  (non-violent) Award and Karen Armstrong as the recipient of the Parliament’s prestigious Paul Carus Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Interreligious Movement. We were able to make contact with many people—several of whom are receiving this newsletter for the first time.

Also this past month, the Charter was named as the second-place winner of the Community Tool Box’s “Out of the Box” award. In giving us the award, the Community Tool Box said, “Your transformative and capacity building efforts were impressive to our panel of judges and Community Tool Box Out of the Box Prize voters alike.” The award includes $3,000, which will be used to support our outreach to cities and communities to use the Tool Box to help organize their efforts. A big thank you to all of you who voted daily (or at least multiple times) to show the enthusiasm for our work.


24 Earth 

On Novermber 30, leaders from 196 countries will come together in Paris where France will be presiding over the 21st gathering of the conference of the parties to the United Nations to draft a framework for responding to climate change. COP21 (Conference of the Parties) or “Paris 2015” as it is called, will be a crucial conference as it will strive to reach an international agreement on climate change that will keep the warming below the threshold of 2 degrees Celsius. The body acknowledges global climate change has human causes and asserts the responsibility belongs to industrialized nations.

“24 Earth” has organized a worldwide meditation to extend over a 24 hour period when the conference starts on November 30. Prayers, chants and meditation and sit-in gatherings are being planned throughout the world for that period. Participants are asked to mindfully support a positive outcome that will benefit all beings of the earth through visualizing and praying that the parties cooperate in harmonious agreement in stewardship of the planet. For more information, see the article in the NEWS on the Charter website and visit for more information and to join thousands on the planet who hold space for peace, cooperation and compassionate action.

For a bit of additional inspiration, watch the Charter for Compassion Earth Day Message: “How Do Humans Heal A World”

Their video explaining the event: in English. Same video in French:


Compassion Games Present The Giving Games

The Giving Games: Youth and Schools Play it Forward are an 11 day global challenge to inspire, develop, and celebrate our shared humanity through acts of generosity and compassion. Join us for a one-hour conversation on the Games on November 7 at 9 am PST.  Register now to participate. Consult the international time converter to find out the time of the call in your location.  Start the inquiry by inserting Seattle, 9 am. 

Beginning on December 1st - a day known as Giving Tuesday - and going through December 11th, the Giving Games are played worldwide between students, teachers, staff and administrators to foster safe and fulfilling places of learning, supporting students develop into happy, compassionate, creative, and resilient members of our world!

The Giving Games start the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The Giving Games are a way to explore new ways to be generous with others, ourselves, and the Earth. Let's play the Compassion Games with generosity and celebrate giving!

Why the Giving Games?


Extensive research in the field of positive psychology is reaffirming the reality that human beings have a remarkable capacity and desire to be compassionate and generous, and that these attributes are vital components to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Giving promotes strong social connections - known as prosocial behavior - that leads people to view others more positively, fostering a heightened sense of interdependence and cooperation in a community. And kindness is contagious, studies show, providing an elevated “warm-glow experience” (or a “helper’s high”) that ignites a virtuous circle of giving that boosts the health of a community as a whole!


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The first section of the course, Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World, is underway, but you can still sign up and get started at your convenience. The course consists of seven lessons that you can start and stop any time to fit your schedule. Currently, we have a great cohort of students from at least 5 countries, who are engaged in the course and communicating with the facilitator and each other. You can read more details about the course on the Charter website. Students are welcomed to this course until November 15. In January, CEI will offer a second section of the course. Enroll for the course.

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