Ideas for the New City--Urban Omnibus

Ideas for the New City--Urban Omnibus

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The Omnibus is all about ideas. From the beginning, Urban Omnibus has been a showcase of good ideas for the future of cities, conceived in the public interest and tried and tested in the five boroughs of New York. So, they have decided to surface some of the ideas that have appeared on Urban Omnibus over the past two years and broadcast them around the city.

Here are a few ideas from the 50 ideas on Urban Omibus' website.  Learn more about the ideas and contribute your own thoughts on their website:

Make a small difference in a community you know-make a difference in 2 days.
Helping people doesn't always have to be a big production.  Simple interventions in the public interest can improve urban life and landscape.

Map Everything.
Property, parks, waterfront access, land use: know where everything is in order to learn about new urban challenges and opportunities.

Use temporary structures to offer amenities to underserved communities.
Trial interventions that respond to inadequate services can inspire communities to demand permanent change.

Design for generational diversity.

Helping aging residents of the city stay in their homes and communities by capitalizing on urban density and convenience.

Let the city tell you its stories.

Investigating the history behind a city's forgotten structures and spaces helps bring about the appreciation of how the city is made.

These are just five of the 50 ideas from Urban Omibus' website; and there are more ideas coming.  See how these ideas can ignite your own city initiative.

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