Our New Evolution

Our New Evolution


The promise of a better world for all of us

We are all connected. We are a global village. Be the change you want to see in the world. Anyone attuned to the various humanitarian and environmental movements in today’s world has heard these and similar phrases... but what do they really mean and how can we begin to unite such powerful yet disparate efforts under one global banner?

Based upon the values presented in her book, Global Values: A New Paradigm for a New World, Karin Miller brings us Our New Evolution (ONE). Global Values are core values that support humanity and all life. These values—unity, community, life, freedom, connection, sustainability, creativity, empowerment, choice, and integrity—can serve as a common thread uniting people of all different religions, cultures, and political viewpoints. While values can be used to divide people against each other, Global Values offer the possibility of uniting people for common good. Together, we can join forces in a values-based movement of social transformation.

Karin Miller is an attorney and entertainment industry power player. She has combined her experience reaching national and global markets with all-empowering truths from her personal journey and authored a new work that serves as a guidebook for creating, nurturing and growing global connection. Her book, Global Values, offers a distinctly approachable holistic paradigm for both personal and social transformation using values to unite people of diverse cultures, religions and political viewpoints for social good.

Why evolve and transform society?

Today, we live in a world largely dominated by fear, isolation, separation, and individualism at the expense of the whole. Our world is in crisis and our survival requires a new approach. Now is the time to shift to a new paradigm based on community, connection, oneness, and interdependence of all things. By joining forces we can create the possibility of a world that works for all.

Global Values

With all of the global challenges that society faces today, how can we begin to transform ourselves and thereby transform the world? Karin Miller outlines 10 Global Values that people of any race, religion or culture anywhere in the world can align with:

  1. Unity – Our current world paradigm supports and encourages separation and isolation. Embracing unity allows us to live in balance with others and with our planet.
  2. Community – Individual acting in isolation are often ineffective. By joining forces with others, we realize our full potential.
  3. Life – Life is the core of our existence. Connected by this common thread, we are part of a global community of living things, all of which are inherently valuable.
  4. Freedom – Freedom is a natural right and lies at the heart of human experience.
  5. Connection – All things have a profound impact on each other, from global economies to cultures to environments to political systems to our minds, bodies and spirits.
  6. Sustainability – Sustainable practices are essential to maintain the flow of life for the individual, the community and the world.
  7. Creativity – Our purpose in life is to create and express ourselves in our own unique and diverse ways. Creativity supports our lives and the lives of others.
  8. Empowerment – By empowering others, we empower ourselves. We can only realize our true power together.
  9. Choice – We choose what we create and destroy, how we can and react, what value we have and how we live.
  10. Integrity – When we remember our oneness, we act with integrity to the benefit of all.

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