Our Sense-Able Nature: Mindfully Reconnecting with the Natural World

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Start Date: June 6, 2021
4 weeks
Cost: $30 U.S.
Course is Online with facilitator participation
Facilitator: Kate Trnka

Take this 4 week instructor-led course at your conveniece according to your schedule. Each of the 4 week lessons becomes available on Mondays beginning July 19. The course materials will be available for an additional 6 months as a self-directed course. There will be two optional Zoom ‘meet & greets’ to discuss the course material and your journey during the course.

Zoom Sessions: Dates and Times coming soon!

A Certificate will be available to all those who complete the course

Registration: Opening in May

By spending moments mindfully connected to the natural world we can find everything we need to re-establish a sense of well-being. It is in nature that we find fresh air to clear our minds, negative electrons in the earth to balance out the toxins (that we take in through the foods we eat and the air we breathe, the clothes we wear, and the screens we put ourselves in front of) and so much more! Perhaps the most important aspect of well-being we can receive from nature is a sense of support and a sense of belonging, especially as we find ourselves more and more isolated during this pandemic. And best of all - these benefits are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are free!

The easy activities that are included in this course are likely to change how you engage with the natural world and deepen your relationship with her. The course will include activities related to themes in nature, as well as focusing on groups of senses, exploring in depth.

You will be guided through the process of getting back in touch with the child-like wonder that’s available to each of us as you interact with the rest of nature. Through this connection, we can experience the wonder of the world in which we live (and are a part of). All we have to do is take the precious moments we have and connect with her. Participating in this way will remind you how simple it is to bring ourselves back into balance and experience our own well-being once again.

We will tap into a few themes we find in nature (e.g. Young Ones, Water, Activity) along with becoming reacquainted with some of our 54 Natural Senses/Sensitivities (e.g. temperature, visibility, season, etc.). Each of these activities are a part of the “Our Sense-Able Nature: Mindful Re-Connecting with Nature Activity Cards”.

This course has been re-designed so that those who participated in last year’s course will find new activities, yet it will provide all the essential building blocks for those who are experiencing the course for the first time.

There are fewer activities each week which will allow you more time to fully engage in each activity. Additional activities will be provided each week for those who wish to engage in more - beyond the featured activity.

Course Outline

Week 1- The Seeding – (this material will be reviewed for those who took the course last year - but is essential in laying the groundwork for the activities ahead)

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Our First Live Zoom call – July 20th @ 8 am Pacific Time
  • Taking Inventory
  • Connection…Coming to Our Senses
  • Developing A New Respect for Nature
  • Building A Relationship with Nature
  • The Three C’s of Connecting
  • Gaining Consent
  • The G-Force of Connecting

Week 2 – Laying Down Our Roots

  • The Our Sense-Able Nature Cards
  • Science Supports Our Connection to Nature (grounding, forest bathing)
  • Weekly Zoom Call – July 27th @ 8 am Pacific Time
  • Introduction to Natural Attractions
  • Exploring Themes in Nature
  • Activity - “The Young Ones”
  • Additional Optional Activities for this week – Themes in Nature: Water, Activity

Week 3 – The Heartwood

  • Our 54 Senses/Sensitivities
  • Weekly Zoom Call – August 3rd @ 8 am Pacific Time
  • Introduction to the Radiation Senses
  • Exploring our Radiation Senses
  • Activity – Sense of Temperature
  • Additional Optional Activities for this week – Radiation Senses: Sense of Season, Visibility/Invisibility/Camouflaging

Week 4 – Branching Out and Blossoming

  • Weekly Zoom Call – August 10th @ 8 am Pacific Time
  • Introduction to our Mental Senses
  • Exploring our Mental Senses
  • Activities - Sense of Form and Design
  • Inventory Revisited
  • Additional Optional Activities for this week – Mental Senses: Language, Time/Rhythm


Read what a few of our course participants last year had to say

“The enthusiasm for what you do and your love for Gaia comes through with every breath.  It allowed me to feel that I am being held in the knowing and loving hands of a kindred spirit.” – Course Participant

“I am considering a broader set of nature's impacts upon my being. My viewpoints are wider and deeper. I am being reminded to walk deliberately, with feeling; to peek at what I do not know and learn other ways of seeing.” – Course Participant

“Thanks to Kate for opening us to a new way of seeing things, to have given us the chance to deepen our connection with nature. My way of looking at the natural world has definitely changed and grown” – Course Participant

Instructor Bio

Kate Trnka

Kate Trnka serves as the Lead Ambassador for the Environment Sector of the Charter for Compassion.

She is a writer, educator, and small business owner. She is the founder of The Sacred Earth Institute – a place that teaches people how to return to well-being by reconnecting with the natural world.

Kate has her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Education and is now enjoying semi-retirement after her 26-year career as a public-school teacher. She is nearing the completion of her Doctorate in Ecopsychology. She is the author of many poems and is about to release the second edition of her first book, If These Trees Could Talk, Park 1: Messages from the Trees of Sunset Park. Kate has also begun leading workshops around her newest publication, Our Sense-Able Nature: Mindful Re-Connecting with Nature Activity Cards which provide nature inspired activities connecting us to our 54 natural senses/sensitivities.

Activity Cards:

Purchasing the Our Sense-Able Nature (OSN) cards is not a requirement for the course. However, as a course participant, you will be able to purchase the full 78-card deck (which comes complete with The Guide in a burlap pouch) for the reduced price of $35 US (plus tax and shipping/handling*). Please inquire as to shipping costs to your address by contacting me via email (). Include your city/country/zip or postal code. 

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