Participate in #FacesOfCompassion

Participate in #FacesOfCompassion


 #FacesOfCompassion is a Twitter campaign to spread the word about compassion and introduce people to the Charter. The campaign starts on #GivingTuesday, Nov. 29, 2016.

We hope to collect 10,000 images of people who know compassion is a luminous, dynamic force for change and create a beautiful online mosaic—a digital picture that is created from all these individual faces of compassion!


Participating is simple: it's a two-step process.

  • Step One: Post a picture of yourself, or you with someone else, on Twitter. Use the hashtag #FacesOfCompassion and tag @zumyn_mosaics in your tweet. (If you need to set up a Twitter account, here are instructions.)
  • Step Two: You will receive a confirmation from @zumyn_mosaics with a picture of the mosaic in process. Retweet the picture! When you do, your followers will see that you are participating and the Charter will receive a $1 donation!

Faces 1

Faces 2


We also hope that everyone who participates will affirm and/or donate to the Charter. When people's pictures are added to the mosaic, we will send them an invite to come look at the picture and when they are there invite them to affirm the Charter and consider making a donation on their own. There's no requirement for them to do this.

Faces 3

Here are some example tweets you could use, or write your own. Just remember to have @zumyn_mosaics and #facesofcompassion in the tweet.

  • Join me: support compassion: Post your pic with the hashtag #FacesOfCompassion and tag @zumyn_mosaics. Every pic posted earns @TheCharter $1
  • Be one of the #FacesOfCompassion and tag @zumyn_mosaics. Every pic posted sends $1 to @TheCharter
  • I am one of the #FacesOfCompassion created by @zumyn_mosaics. Posting & tagging your pic will earn @TheCharter $1
  • Every Twitter pic tagged with #FacesOfCompassion and @zumyn_mosaics supports compassionate action & earns @TheCharter $1!
  • I'm part of the group image #FacesOfCompassion being created by @zumyn_mosaics for @TheCharter. Every post sends $1
  • Are you one of the #FacesOfCompassion? Post your pic with the hashtag and tag @zumyn_mosaics to support The Charter!

Zumyn will create a mosaic poster from all the images we post, and this composite image will be posted at several locations around the world in the coming year. Watch to find out exactly where! You will also be able to order a copy of the poster for yourself from zumyn!

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