Re-Awakening Reverence for Mother Earth

    The human brain now holds the key to our future.We have to recall the image of the planet from outer space: a single entity in which air, water, and continents are interconnected.That is our home.   ~David Suzuki

    A World of Extremes

    Now in the second decade of the twenty-first century, we find ourselves facing a number of extreme situations that were barely thought of a century ago:

    • Oceans on the brink of catastrophe

    • Ozone holes above the Arctic

    • Melting glaciers and rising seas

    • Increasingly violent or extreme weather

    • More pollution in our air

    • Genetic manipulation of plants and food

    • The desperate need for clean water

    • An exploding world population

    • Alarming, dwindling populations of bees, frogs, elephants, whales and other species and an increase in mutations

    An Urgent Call

    Many of us—as individuals and in a variety of environmentally-based organizations, have understood the urgency of these extremes and the compelling need to take action.

    The Charter for Compassion: Making Connections

    The Charter for Compassion, begun as a simple document, and now grown to a global grass roots movement, serves to connect these kindred individuals and organizations around the globe through the science of technology and the magic of collaboration.

    Environmental Focus

    The Environment sector of our movement includes individuals and partner organizations that have a passionate—and compassionate-- concern for the Earth and all life that inhabits and interconnects on our planet.Whether it’s eco-economy, growing eco-municipalities, climate change, artificial agriculture, food production, political indifference or influence, the treatment of animals, land grabs and mismanagement, exploitation of the Indigenous, the distribution of scarce resources, double standards, abuse of power and authority, the trampling of human and civil rights, they all serve to right the indifference that abdicates human stewardship for the planet and all its sentient life.

    The vision and mission of the Environment sector of the Charter for Compassion speaks to the responsibility we have to be stewards of our planet and the actions we undertake to guarantee justice for all living things.

    Vision: All humans taking responsibility for the thriving of Mother Earth.
    Mission: Galvanize and support compassionate actions that honor and sustain the web of life.
    Today...we have to realize that a true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.   ~Pope Francis
    As you review the material in this section, please take special note of our new project, The Compassion Tree Project.  You may be interested in the Environment Compassion Reader, and the Environment Annotated Bibliography.  Of special note should be three additional Charters that are endorsed by the Charter for Compassion.


    NEW! Environment Sector AMBASSADOR PROGRAM Starting Soon!

    We are starting a new Ambassador Program - If you want to make a difference in your place in the world and would like to promote the work of the Charter for Compassion's Environment Sector, stay tuned. Details coming soon!

    Become a Charter Partner

    The Charter for Compassion serves as a network which connects and encourages communication among the many and varied initiatives focusing on the compassionate treatment of our planet - Mother Earth.

    We ask those who are interested to affirm the Charter and become a Partner. Please join us in the sharing of ideas, plans, and actions with others who are also promoting compassionate action for our Mother Earth.

    If the leaders won’t lead, the politicians won’t listen, and corporations won’t care, we the people can.


    The Environment Sector lead is Kate Trnka.

    To contact Kate send her an e-mail.


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